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Aaman is a Belter and an operative of the Outer Planets Alliance reporting to Marco Inaros as part of the crew of the Pella.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

He takes part in the raid on the Callisto shipyards under the command of Marco's teenage son Filip Inaros.

History[edit | edit source]

Aaman was a member of a raid that was undertaken to obtain High Density Resonance Coating, Martian stealth technology needed for Marco's planned bombardment of Earth. Aaman leads the part of the team responsible for preparing the evacuation scaffold. They plan to use this to return to their ship with the stolen stealth material before the shipyard is destroyed by the impact of a meteor launched days in advance. Aaman runs into trouble when one of the joints in the scaffold is blocked by dust. Filip cuts into his own suit to release compressed air and clear the blockage so that they can make their escape. Aaman is struck in the foot by a rock following the meteor strike. Josie tells him he is lucky it was not more central and he laughs off the injury.[1]

Later, Aaman helps kidnap Naomi Nagata along with Cyn and Filip after she arranged a ship for them.[2]

Aaman died, along with everyone on the Pella and the other Free Navy ships, when Naomi Nagata and James Holden were able to trigger a Ring network anomaly as a weapon to destroy the Free Navy fleet as they passed through the Sol gate into the Slow Zone.[3]

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