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This page is about the Book-icon-simple.png books character. For the TV incarnation, see Adolphus Murtry (TV).
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Adolphus Murtry is the chief of security for Royal Charter Energy (RCE) on the Edward Israel.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Murtry is a small, thin man with hard blue eyes. He has gray hair and a deeply lined face.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

After the ambush attack that claimed the lives of five RCE security personnel, Murtry takes most of his remaining security team to Ilus and assumes command of First Landing by force of arms and enforces martial law upon the settlement.  He is a hard, ruthless individual and possibly psychopathic, confirmed by his arbitrary and cold-blooded execution of Coop, one of the resistance fighters involved in the ambush, within minutes of confronting the citizens of First Landing.

Murtry, upon his Miller-like instinctive killing of Coop instantly raises the ire of James Holden. Holden, who has a penchant for fair trial and law, believes that Murtry acted rashly and brutally. Thus, he threatens to put the security chief in prison once the situation on the planet Ilus is wrapped up. Murtry, whose team is struck with heavy causualities, doesn't seem to care. He also in turn of getting the goat of Holden, makes instant enemies with Amos.  


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