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The Adro system is a dead system that has no planets and a faint white dwarf star. Besides the Adro gate, the only other orbiting body in the system is a Jupiter size diamond structure that is described as having a crystal ball shape with a faint green hue color.

History Edit

First mentioned in the grand opening event for TSL-5 just before the return of the Laconian Imperial Naval, the liberation of the exploratory colonies from the dominion of Sol and subsequent Laconian unification of humanity. Very little is known of this system.

In 51 XTE, the system was visited by Elvi Okoye in a scientific mission for the Laconian Empire, on a ship specifically made for the mission, the Falcon. Her mission in the Adro system entailed finding any clues about the unknown aggressors that had destroyed the Ring builder civilization. The mission was however cut short and the Falcon left the system before any meaningful research could be done.

System Composition Edit

Gravitational governor Edit Edit

  • Adro's white dwarf star

Orbiting bodies Edit

  • Diamond Structure
  • Ring iconAdro gate

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