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This page is about the Tv icon TV ship. For the books incarnation, see Agatha King (Books).
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"Wiring on this bucket really needs an overhaul."

"Let's hope her outsides hold up better than her insides."

— Lts. Mancuso and Shaffer, addressing the Agatha King.
Agatha King

Emblem of the UNN Agatha King.

The UNN Agatha King (T-DRN-32) was a Truman-class dreadnought of the United Nations Navy (UNN) and the flagship of the Jupiter Fleet during the UN-MCR War. It would see its eventual destruction during the Io Campaign.


AgathaKing Patches

The Agatha King's mission patches.[1]

The UNN Agatha King, then known as the UNS Agatha King, was originally constructed in the Bush shipyards on Luna. The ship was named after the UNN Admiral Agatha King and took part in a number of campaigns and missions over its service lifetime, of which ten mission patches were displayed in the ship's CIC (Combat Information Centre).[1]

Throughout the series[]

"Assured Destruction"[]

During the UN-MCR War, Agatha King served as the flagship of Admiral Souther's 3rd Fleet near Jupiter. During this time, the ship would receive a distress call from a dropship with a UNN identification before rescuing it and bringing the sole occupant, Cotyar Ghazi, aboard. Fleet Admiral Augusto Nguyễn would directly contact the King, informing Souther that he would rendezvous with them soon and that any occupants of the dropship should be treated as prisoners of war.

Following Admiral Nguyễn's arrival aboard the King, he would direct the ship to head towards the Jovian moon of Io. Souther and his command staff were skeptical of this decision, but Nguyễn asserted his orders, refusing to answer questions concerning his orders. Nguyễn would eventually relieve Admiral Souther of his command and take the Agatha King under his own flag; unbeknownst to the crew of the King, the ship was now en route to retrieve Jules-Pierre Mao's Protomolecule technology.[2]

"Triple Point"[]

The UNN Agatha King en route to IO.

The UNN Agatha King en route to Io.

Through means of his Executive Officer, Souther learns of a conspiracy within the United Nations (UN) to wage an illegal war, spearheaded by Undersecretary Sadavir Errinwright; Souther suspects that Nguyễn was also a participant. Souther, violating Nguyễn's orders, speaks to Cotyar Ghazi in the King's medical ward, who informs Souther that Chrisjen Avasarala—framed as a traitor to Earth—was indeed alive, and had sent him the message containing proof of the illegal war. Nguyễn, however, learns of this visit, and has Souther brought to CIC, where he has him relieved of duty.

It was at this moment that the King fell within range of Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN) forces which had pursued the UNN ships. As Fleet Admiral Nguyễn prepares to open fire on the Martian vessels, Souther and his lieutenants mutiny, drawing their weapons; many others in CIC also take sides. Souther briefly relieves Nguyễn of duty on charges of conspiracy to wage an illegal war; however, Nguyễn and his loyalists retake control in CIC, and Souther is fatally shot by the Fleet Admiral. After several UNN ships loyal to Souther refuse to acknowledge Nguyễn's orders to engage MCRN forces, he orders one of them, the Jimenez, destroyed; although the order is eventually carried out by Nguyễn himself, several others in CIC refused to comply, resulting in their detainment in the King's brig.


The Agatha King engages the UNN fleet.

The King engages in combat with several fellow UNN ships in a resulting pell-mell battle, which results in the destruction of several UNN ships at the hands of the Agatha King's missiles and railguns. Shortly after, Captain Sandrine Kirino of the Scirocco-class assault cruiser, the Hammurabi, declares their peaceful intentions, and offers assistance to any UNN ship which may require it. In spite, Nguyễn—refusing to even acknowledge the message—remotely launches several dozen stealth pods containing Protomolecule hybrids, and sends them directly towards Mars. One of these pods is struck by PDC fire after launch, and spirals into the Agatha King, crashing towards the stern of the ship.[3]


The protomolecule quickly spreads through the ship, infecting most of the crew. Alex Kamal and Naomi Nagata board the dreadnought via the racing pinnace, the Razorback, looking for a way to disable the hybrid pods before they can reach Mars. They enter the vessel's CIC, where they encounter a wounded Nguyễn; he mirthfully taunts that they'll never be able to stop all the pods, and only a few have to reach Mars to annihilate the planet.


The Razorback flees the destruction of the Agatha King.

Meanwhile, Cotyar Ghazi escapes from the medical bay with the assistance of Ensign Larson, and proceeds to overload the King's reactor to destroy the ship and contain the protomolecule outbreak. During their way, he must have been attacked by some Protomolecule being, and became infected intself. To prevent the infection to extend, he prepared the ship's reactor to blow. Naomi manages to active the hybrid pods' transponders, making them visible again, and she and Alex quickly leave the King; the dreadnought's reactor goes critical, utterly destroying both it and Nguyễn in a split second. There were no survivors from the ship.[4]



  • In a departure from the books, Alex Kamal instead boarded the King alongside Naomi Nagata, given his vested interest in the safety of his home planet, Mars. The two took the place of James Holden, who did so in the books.

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