Alden Adair is a Canadian-born actor who portrays Belter Staz in the Syfy television series The Expanse.

His acting credits go back to 2014.

His character is known for a violent failed theft of the nuclear arms from Fred Johnson aboard Tycho station. When he and his cohorts are defeated, Drummer executes him as Alex attempts to lead her to get medical attention.


Actor: Alden Adair
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"Doors & Corners"Staz
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"Static"Staz
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"Godspeed"Staz
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"Home"Staz
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"The Seventh Man"Staz
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"Pyre"Staz



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