Alden Adair is a Canadian-born actor who portrays Belter Staz in the Syfy television series The Expanse. His character is known for a failed attempt to secure United Nations nuclear weapons from Fred Johnson aboard Tycho station. When he and his cohorts are defeated by James Holden and his crew, Drummer executes him.

Alden Adair's acting credits go back to 2014 and besides The Expanse, he is known for the TV series Workin' Moms where he portrays the character Marvin Grimes.He also is the voice actor for Maverick in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege


Actor: Alden Adair
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"Doors & Corners"Staz
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"Static"Staz
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"Godspeed"Staz
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"Home"Staz
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"The Seventh Man"Staz
Season 2 ⸻ Episode"Pyre"Staz




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