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Alexander Verbinski is an Martian marine sergeant serving aboard the MCRN Hammurabi.

History[edit | edit source]

The Slow Zone Incident[edit | edit source]

Verbinski was one of the Martian marines sent to the Ring Station to apprehend James Holden. While they successfully track Holden down, they are forced to retreat when they come under attack from the robots on the station. They later return and arrest Holden, detaining him aboard the Hammurabi.

Like the other Martian marines, Verbinski transfers to the Behemoth, but are forced to give up their armor. He and the other marines help Bull in his countercoup against Ashford by assisting in capturing the engineering deck. Verbinski is killed by a stray bullet while the group is being chased down the exterior elevator shaft by Ashford loyalists wearing Martian powered armor.


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