Anderson-Hyosung Cooperative Industries Group is an Earth based corporation specializing in ore refinery. It operates within The Belt. Its primary base of operations was Anderson Station.

Anderson Station IncidentEdit

Under the leadership of Marama Brown, the Belter miners working at the station took over and refused to work, striking in protest of the poor treatment of them and their families by the company. Although the rebellion was fairly non violent (as they did not have access to weapons), the station master did end up being killed.

In response, the A-HCIG had the United Nations Navy dispatched to blockade the station, cutting off the protesters from food and communication as well as branding them terrorists. After less than a week of striking, the Belters reluctantly voiced their surrender to the United Nations Marine Corps.

However, this surrender was not notified by the United Nations Navy to Colonel Fred Johnson, who attacked the station causing high casualties in civilians whom he had been told were terrorists. Before the Belters died they successfully sent out a message to the system showing that they were civilians. This caused Fred John to become known as the "Butcher of Anderson Station".