The Anderson Dawes OPA faction was a major Outer Planets Alliance faction which primarily operated at Ceres. Followers of Anderson Dawes pursue his objectives due to his charisma. This faction worked heavily with the Tycho Station OPA whos leader Fred Johnson was brought into the OPA by Anderson Dawes.

Events[edit | edit source]

When the United Nations withdrew from Ceres after the destruction of the Canterbury this faction tookover governance of the Station.

When the Free Navy formed Anderson Dawes joined the new Belter faction. This faction used Ceres as its capital. When the United Nations Navy launched the Ceres Offensive the Free Navy leadership under Marco Inaros chose to pursue a scorched earth policy and sabotaged all resources and machinery abandoning the station. This destruction and environmental disaster to Ceres turned Anderson Dawes against the Free Navy although he would not do so publicly. Dawes left the station with the Free Navy.

When a high level meeting is called by the Tycho Station OPA leader Fred Johnson for all Outer Planets Alliance factions that did not join the Free Navy Dawes secretly attended. At Tycho he helped convinced the other faction leaders to join the cause against the Free Navy. Once the war ended Anderson Dawes was arrested for his part in the destruction to Ceres and the Ceres Station OPA ceased to have significance with the formation of the Transport Union.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Also on Ceres was the Zig Ochoa OPA which opposed Anderson and defied and competed with the Dawes OPA.

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