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The Andronicus-class destroyer is a destroyer class in service with the United Nations Navy (UNN).


The second exception to the United Nations Navy standard of being a massive tank with tons of guns, these destroyers instead focus on exceptional sensors and systems for precise hits and can easily scramble the sensors of enemy ships.

Blade of the United Nations[]

The Andronicus-class was designed with a hull that is wide near towards the stern of the ship, and tapers up towards the three sensor antennas at the bow of the ship. After the widest part near the stern, there are engineering decks that lead to three massive Epstein drives. Due to its sword-like shape, it is often called the ‘Blade of the United Nations’.


While these destroyers are definitely armed, they have almost half the armament of their sister ship class, the Munroe-class light destroyer, with only a single keel-mounted, rapid-fire, high-pressure railgun, full PDC (Point Defense Cannon) coverage, two bow-facing torpedo launchers, and two stern facing launchers. However, the main tactic for the Andronicus-class isn’t the same as other UNN ships with the ‘spray and pray’ method of combat, and instead, the crew invests in sophisticated sensors and lock-on systems that provide a more accurate and a deadly approach to combat.


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