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Angry Dockworker is a the ringleader amongst a band of hostile dockworkers


Season 1
Season 1 — Episode"Remember the Cant"appears
Season 1 — Episode"Back to the Butcher" (uncredited)appears (video)

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"Remember the Cant", lead a band of dockworkers to assault a Martian denying water until Josephus Miller and Anderson Dawes disrupted it. turned around and lead the band through the streets of the Medina as part of a protest. his group initiate the violence that breaks out by assaulting the Belter shopkeeper.

"Back to the Butcher" He along with the others in his band are seen in replay coverage of the protest in Ceres' Medina District.


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  • The assault on the Belter Shopkeeper, the assault on the Martian ship's crewman, and the assault against Dimitri Havelock in "Remember the Cant" all bear a connection with the assault of Erique Dos Santos who perished in the novel. An analyst could suggest the three in the TV show were a splitting up and distribution of the book character into/among a plurality of characters on the show particularly a splitting up of them between representatives of all three major factions. the event that triggered the assault against the Martian in the book does not occur in the show until episode six.

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