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Anton Trejo is the High Admiral of the Laconian Imperial Navy and Laconian Naval Command.

History[edit | edit source]

Anton Trejo then a lieutenant in the Martian Congressional Republic Navy joined Winston Duarte's breakaway Martian fleet on their trip through the Laconia gate.[1]

Thirty years later now at the rank of Admiral; Trejo commanded the battlecruiser Heart of the Tempest which led the first wave of the Laconian Expeditionary Force into the slow zone and then Sol system.

Unknown to Santiago Singh, Trejo gave standing orders to Colonel Tanaka when she was serving as Santiago Singh's security officer.

Trejo successfully is able to conquer the Sol system and became governor of the system.

After the Tecoma gate test effectively incapacitates Duarte, Trejo is rushed to to Laconia where he becomes the de facto leader of the Empire.

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