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This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Arjun (Books).

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Arjun Avasarala Rao is the husband of Chrisjen Avasarala and caretaker of their grandson.

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  • Episode Recap Shows Last Name as Rao
  • Michael Benyaer as Arjun in season 4

Appearances Edit

Season One
1 "Dulcinea"Appears
2 "The Big Empty"Absent
3 "Remember the Cant"Appears
4 "CQB"Appears
5 "Back to the Butcher"Absent
6 "Rock Bottom"Absent
7 "Windmills"Absent
8 "Salvage"Absent
9 "Critical Mass"Appears
10 "Leviathan Wakes"Appears
Season Two
1 "Safe"Absent
2 "Doors & Corners"Absent
3 "Static"Absent
4 "Godspeed"Absent
5 "Home"Appears
6 "Paradigm Shift"Absent
7 "The Seventh Man"Absent
8 "Pyre"Absent
9 "The Weeping Somnambulist"Absent
10 "Cascade"Absent
11 "Here There Be Dragons"Absent
12 "The Monster and the Rocket"Absent
13 "Caliban's War"Absent
Season Four
1 "New Terra"Absent
2 "Jetsam"Appears
3 "Subduction"Appears
4 "Retrograde"Absent
5 "Oppressor"Appears
6 "Displacement"Absent
7 "A Shot in The Dark"Appears
8 "The One-Eyed Man"Appears
9 "Saeculum"Absent
10 "Cibola Burn"Appears

Notes Edit

  • The last name "Rao" appears to have been added for the TV show.[2]
  • As with so many characters on the TV show, naming is inconsistent. His last name appears to match that of Chrisjen in a communication ID during a conversation about evacuation during "Home".
  • Arjun doesn't appear in the books until Caliban's War, but was brought into the first season for character development.
  • For Season 4, Arjun was recast and is now portrayed by Michael Benyaer.[1] Also he is now called Arjun Avasarala.


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