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Asteria Naval Base (or Asteria NB) is a military base facility and war college of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN) on Mars. It is used simultaneously as a military base and education facility, teaching officers theoretical strategy and tactical warfare.

Description and events[]

Asteria Naval Base is a military installation on the Martian surface, partially built into a cliffside at a canyon. It features numerous facilities across its grounds, such as a war college lecture hall, and a restaurant and bar for officers and stationed military members. Alex Kamal was educated at Asteria Naval Base during his MCRN career.[1]

Shortly before the Free Navy Conflict, Admiral Emil Sauveterre and Lieutenant Emily Babbage were stationed at Asteria Naval Base, and Sauveterre held numerous lectures on strategic warfare to the attending war college officials. Investigating black markets for weapons on Mars, Roberta Draper sent Alex to the base and hoped to gain significant intel on whether Sauveterre is complicit with the illegal selling of weapons or not. Encountering him at one of his lectures, Alex tried to approach Emil, but was angrily refused by him due to the ownership debate of the MCRN Tachi/Rocinante.[1]

However he ordered Lieutenant Babbage to find out what Alex's real intention was.[1] She later tried to pressure Alex into revealing his experiences on Ilus IV and with the Protomolecule during an evening meeting at a Asteria NB bar.[2]




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