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The Attack on the Donnager happened after the Flagship picked up civilian survivors from the shuttle Knight, the Martian flagship Donnager came under attack from several unidentified Stealth ships.


After receiving a distress call from the shuttle Knight off the destroyed Canterbury the MCRN Donnager moved to pickup the survivors. One of the survivors James Holden then believing the MCRN had destroyed the Canterbury made a transmission blaming the Mars for its destruction. When the Knight was then docked with the Donnager the survivors were taken into custody and interogated.

At this time an unidentified ship raced towards Donnager before entering combat range and splitting into 6 stealth ships. The Donnager's comms were jammed and the 6 ships engaged.

During the battle the Stealth ships entered into CQB and were able to launch breaching pods onto Donnager. On the bridge with the command crew the Canterbury survivor James Holden recognised the stealth ships as being the same as the ship that destroyed his ship and therefore Mars were not to blame. Captain Yao therefore ordered that Holden be taken to the docked MCRN Corvette Class Frigate Tachi to escape and provide this evidence to the Martian Congressional Republic.

During the escape the Captain ordered Condition zero meaning that the ship would be deliberately destroyed if borders gained access to vital areas of the ship such as CIC. Once the Tachi escaped Condition Zero was activated and the Donnager was destroyed along with remaining Stealth ships nearby.


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