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Auberon is an novella in The Expanse series. It was released on November 12th, 2019. The story takes place on the planet Auberon.

The cover art was revealed on October 10, 2019.[2]

Blurb Edit

Auberon is one of the first and most important colony worlds in humanity’s reach, and the new conquering faction has come to claim it. Governor Rittenaur has come to bring civilization and order to the far outpost and guarantee the wealth and power of the Empire.

But Auberon already has its own history, a complex culture, and a criminal kingpin named Erich with very different plans. In a world of deceit, violence, and corruption, the greatest danger Rittenaur faces is love.

Plot Edit

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  1. The novella takes place between the seventh and eight novels
  2. Icon-orbitbooks-24x24

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