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Augusto Nguyễn was a Fleet Admiral in the United Nations Navy and one of the highest ranking officials in the UN military.



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His approach is more hawkish than that of his predecessor and he is more apt to resort to political options which rely on military might.

Appearances Edit

Season Two
1 "Safe"Appears
2 "Doors & Corners"Appears
3 "Static"TBD
4 "Godspeed"TBD
5 "Home"Appears
6 "Paradigm Shift"TBD
7 "The Seventh Man"TBD
8 "Pyre"TBD
9 "The Weeping Somnambulist"Appears
10 "Cascade"Appears
11 "Here There Be Dragons"TBD
12 "The Monster and the Rocket"TBD
13 "Caliban's War"TBD
Season Three
1 "Fight or Flight"Absent
2 "IFF"Absent
3 "Assured Destruction"Appears
4 "Reload"Absent
5 "Triple Point"Appears
6 "Immolation"Appears
7 "Delta-V"Absent
8 "It Reaches Out"Absent
9 "Intransigence"Absent
10 "Dandelion Sky"Absent
11 "Fallen World"Absent
12 "Congregation"Absent
13 "Abaddon's Gate"Absent

Throughout the series Edit

He took command of the fleet in "Doors & Corners" when Admiral Souther stepped down after declaring he wouldn't support an attack action the Martian moon, Deimos.

Nguyễn promulgates the theory that Eros is a Martian weapon in "Home". Furthermore, he contends Fred Johnson's actions must be part of a premeditated conspiracy with regard to the UN nuclear arsenal.

During opening remarks of the peace summit depicted in "The Weeping Somnambulist", Nguyễn engages in a verbal joust with the Martian Admiral J. Peñano

During "Cascade", he questions the necessity for Avasarala to continue interrogation of Draper by citing the utter non-credibility in the witness account provided up to that point by the Martian gunnery sergeant

"Assured Destruction"Edit

Admiral Nguyễn orders Admiral Souther on the Agatha King to throw any survivors of the Guanshiyin found in Avasarala's UN diplomatic dropship into the brig and to avoid communications with the prisoner until Nguyễn's rendez-vous with them. He accuses Avasarala and Cotyar of treason and threatens a long imprisonment. When Souther is suspected to be scheming to access the prisoner, Nguyễn relieves Souther of his command over Agatha King. Nguyễn orders Lt. Mancuso to navigate to Io.

"Triple Point"Edit

He later killed Admiral Souther when he announces that he will broadcast the video incriminating Errinwright and casting the war into a palor of illegitimacy. He throws all into the brig who refuse his orders. He fires on and destroys the UNN Jimenez. He kills Souther's loyal senior officers, Shaffer and Mancuso. After MCRN Hammurabi CO Captain Sandrine Kirino declares a truce to all UNN ships that stand down, Nguyễn proceeds to launch the hybrids.


one of the hybrid pods launched from Prospero Station on Io is deflected by PDC fire from the Hammurabi and strikes the Agatha King. Defeated, Nguyễn watches Naomi and Alex attempt to disable the hybrids but revels in the faith that Mars is doomed.

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  • The nameplate showing Nguyễn's name in the "The Weeping Somnambulist" episode and in the "Cascade" episode, includes a first initial of "A" matching the first name from the books; however, in the "Assured Destruction" episode, his name appears in a communication with the Agatha King and a first initial of "G" is used. This is probably a mistake by the graphics department of the production.


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