Barkeith was a Donnager-class battleship built by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy that served as the flagship of the MCRN Home fleet[1]. Later stolen by defectors led by Admiral Winston Duarte, it was part of the fleet that deserted to Laconia during the Free Navy Conflict, only to be lost in the transit of the Laconia Ring.


Commanded by Captain Sauveterre, the Barkeith was one of a number of Martian vessels that the United Nations had lost track of at the outbreak of the Free Navy Conflict. UN Undersecretary Chrisjen Avasarala asked the retired Martian Marine Bobbie Draper to investigate the disappearance of the Barkeith and a number of other Martian vessels[2]

It was later discovered that Admiral Winston Duarte, perceiving that Mars was doomed owing to the discovery of the Ring network, had convinced the Barkeith and other ships to desert with him to Laconia, using the Free Navy Conflict to conceal their defection. Coordinating with the Free Navy forces that had seized Medina Station, Barkeith aimed to escape through the Laconia Ring with the rest of Duarte's force. However, the Barkeith's great mass overloaded the Ring, causing it to become trapped in transit. Captain Sauveterre and his crew were killed by unknown assailants and the ship's fate was unknown to either Laconia or the Sol system.[3]

Dawes later asked Rosenfeld Guoliang about the Barkeith as part of a discussion about the ongoing war waged by Marco Inaros' Free Navy [4]


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