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The MCRN Barkeith was a D-class fleet supply ship in the Martian Congressional Republic Navy that was later acquired by rogue elements of the MCRN. The vessel was used to supply the Free Navy with several Martian warships, and later was a part of the MCRN fleet which traversed the Laconia Ring. During transit, the vessel vanished, presumed lost with all hands.

History[edit | edit source]

Free Navy Conflict[edit | edit source]

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Having learning that Barkeith was heading out on a supply run from Lieutenant Emily Babbage,[1] Bobbie Draper and Alex Kamal took the racing pinnace Razorback out to follow the ship, suspecting it was being used to sell stolen military materials from Mars. The two followed Barkeith and its two escorting heavy frigates to the Hungaria Group—a group of high-albedo asteroids which could conceal ship movements— where the squadron met with a group of Belter ships. Only when the Barkeith left the area alone did Alex and Bobbie understand that the "weapons shipment" Barkeith had delivered to the Free Navy were the frigates themselves.[2]

Laconia Ring Transit[edit | edit source]

Following the delivery, Barkeith's movements remained unknown. However, the vessel made another appearance several weeks later near the Sol Gate, leading ten other Martian ships as a breakaway MCRN faction; many these ships were previously reported as lost in action against Free Navy forces by the MCRN. They participated in the last stages of the battle for the Sol Gate, being directly responsible for the destruction of the UNN dreadnoughts Tripoli and Montenegro with volleys of torpedoes. Following the main action, the Laconian ships entered the Ring Space, where Admiral Sauveterre, aboard Barkeith, offered his congratulations to Marco Inaros on their victory. As the Martian fleet transited the Laconia Ring, Barkeith was the last through; however, as the vessel crossed the ring, it was quickly disintegrated by the Unknown Aggressors. The crew on board are all presumed lost, and the vessel itself was completely destroyed.[3]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is unknown which load the Barkeith carried as it was a supply ship, but presumably it was full of supplies for Laconia's colony.
  • Originally, the Barkeith in the TV show was listed as a Donnager-class battleship, much like its book counterpart[4]. However, in Season 5, the ship was retconned to be a supply ship instead. The Donnager-class ship may have been decommissioned and replaced in the interim, and was ''replaced'' by the Sagarmatha as the second Donnager-class destroyed, also near a ring, in this case, the Sol gate.

Media[edit | edit source]

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