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The Bashi Bazouk[2] was an armed Belter ship used by the Free Navy. It was destroyed at the opening of the Free Navy Conflict in pursuit of the racing pinnace Razorback, which had spotted the nascent Free Navy Command Fleet at the Hungaria Asteroids.

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The Bashi Bazouk was at the Hungaria group alongside elements of the Free Navy Command Fleet when it spotted the racing pinnace Razorbackpiloted by Alex Kamal and Bobbie Draper—in line of sight of the various Belter and Martian ships. It immediately target-locked the Razorback and gave chase, prompting the Razorback to fleet. A torpedo was then fired and, about to destroy the defenseless Razorback, was destroyed when the pinnace dropped core, vaporizing the torpedo in the explosion.[3]

Seeing the Razorback adrift, the Bazouk then came alongside and attempted to board the pinnace. However, unbeknownst to the three boarders, Bobbie Draper possessed a Martian Marine Corps Goliath powered armor suit, and made quick work of two of the boarders as they attempted to enter the ship. The third escaped back aboard the Bazouk, and immediately attempted to disengage the docking arm connecting the two ships; Draper placed herself between Razorback and the retracting docking arm, and physically held the two together, strength amplified from her armor.

However, during this time, Alex Kamal had spacewalked to the Bazouk and placed an explosive charge on its drive cone. As Kamal fled back to the Razorback, Draper released the docking arm, and the two retreated back aboard the Razorback. Kamal put the pinnace into an emergency burn away from the Bazouk, which once again began to give chase. It was at this time the explosive charge Kamal had placed on the drive cone detonated from the engine thrust, subsequently destroying the ship.[4]

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  • A "bashi-bazouk" was an irregular soldier of the Ottoman army, raised in times of war. They had a reputation for bravery, but also as an undisciplined group, notorious for looting and preying on civilians as a result of a lack of regulation.[5]


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