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This page is about the Tv icon.png TV character. For the books incarnation, see Basia Merton (Books).
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Basia Merton was a resident of Ganymede before the incident where mirrors fell from orbit devastating the domes, the research, the food production, and the population.



Basia's son, like Prax's daughter Mei, is also missing and also a patient of Doctor Strickland.

Throughout the series[]

In "Cascade", Basia Merton is first seen on Ganymede station, after the mirrors fell, when Amos Burton and Prax are looking for clues involving Mei and Strickland. Basia's son Katoa is also missing and has the same ailment as Mei Meng, Myers-Skelton Premature Immunosenescence. Basia is first upset with Prax, thinking he was cowardly for abandoning their children, but settles down when Prax gives him hope that his son may still be found. Before continuing to recuperate at Prax's urging, he sends Prax and the Rocinante crew to a hacker, known as Roma, to search for clues of Mei.


Season 2[]



  • Basia tells Prax and Amos that Roma has a place on the 2nd floor of the AWP corridor, room 2K.
  • Although Prax promises to Basia that he'll talk to Roma on the behalf of both of them, he is never seen showing Roma a photo of Katoa or asking to search for him. Whether that was accidental or incidental is open to discussion.

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