The Battle of Point Leuctra was the final major engagement between the Earth-Mars Coalition and Transport Union against the Laconian Empire. It was fought at a strategic position between the asteroid belt and Mars on a trajectory from the Sol ring gate. It is determined by the Earth-Mars Coalition and Transport Union as the location for their last stand against the invading Laconian battleship The Heart of the Tempest.

Events[edit | edit source]

It had been decided that when the Laconian ship passed a line at Point Leuctra that the entire fleet would fire upon it. When the battleship passed the fleet engaged with everything it had followed by a nuclear strike. For this the fleet took very heavy casualties. Despite having used nuclear weapons the Heart of the Tempest was discovered to still be operational and fighting. Out of desperation many EMC ship burned hard towards the Heart of the Tempest in a suicide run, but were all ultimately destroyed. The Earth-Mars Coalition Navy and Transport Union had used most of their munitions and were in a bad state with all UN-MCR admirals having been killed forcing their surrender to avoid destruction.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The battle at Point Leuctra would be the last major space engagement of the Laconia-Sol Conflict excluding smaller policing actions by Laconia. Ultimately it was decisive victory for the Laconian Imperial Navy. The alien technology powering the Tempest proved too powerful for the EMC-TU fleet to defeat with conventional weaponry. After the destruction of about half the fleet, Sol surrendered to Laconia, the fate of humanity under its new rulers uncertain.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The location name derives from that of an ancient Greek village, Λεῦκτρα, where the Battle of Leuctra was fought, which was a decisive Theban victory over the Spartans that ended their hegemony over ancient Greece. The Spartans themselves came from a region of Greece called Laconia.

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