The battleship is a type of capital ship that is heavily armed and armored. Some battleships are referred to as dreadnoughts such as the UNN's third-generation battleships which represent the third redesign since the buildup of the first conflict between Earth and Mars as well as the OPA flagship Behemoth. The battleship designation can be applied to ships from any fleet including but not limited to those of the MCRN, UNN, and the Laconian Imperial Navy, with the latter referring to such vessels as battle cruisers.

These ships can take a lot of punishment during battles between ships. However, during one such engagement between the MCRN Donnager and six unidentified ships equipped with advanced torpedoes and rail guns, the MCRN battleship initiated the Condition Zero failsafe protocol that would self-destruct the ship if either the bridge, Command Information Center (CIC), engineering are breached by boarders.

Known battleships Edit

Martian Congressional Republic Navy Edit

Designation Class Notes
MCRN Barkeith Donnager-class Destroyed by Ring gate anomaly.
MCRN Bellaire
MCRN Donnager Scuttled after being boarded during the Attack on the Donnager (TV).
MCRN Harman Dae-Jung Transported armistice delegation to Earth after battle erupted at Ganymede
MCRN Icaria Planum Flagship of the MCRN Saturn fleet which became flagship of the MCRN after the Donnager's destruction.
MCRN Schiaparelli Current Flagship of MCRN Jupiter fleet after UN-MCR War.
MCRN Hotspur Assaigned to MCRN Jupiter fleet, Ganymede border patrol.
MCRN Firebrand Assigned to MCRN Jupiter fleet, Callisto shipyard defense.

United Nations Navy Edit

Designation Class Notes
UNN Thomas Prince Xerxes-class (Books) / Truman-class[1] (TV) Carried various religious clergy and artists into the Ring.
UNN Agatha King Truman-class[1] UN Flagship carrying Admiral Nguyễn over Jovian moon Io.
UNN Okimbo UN Jupiter Fleet Flagship carrying Admiral Souther over Jovian moon Io
UNN Nathan Hale Leonidas-class Sent to investigate activity on Phoebe.
UNN Okavango Present at the Ganymede Incident.

Outer Planets AllianceEdit

Designation Class Notes
OPAS Behemoth Behemoth-class Converted Generation-ship. Later became strategically placed spin-station in the Slow Zone.

Earth-Mars Coalition NavyEdit

Designation Class Notes
EMC Frederick Lewis Unknown-class Forced to drop core at the Battle of Point Leuctra.

Laconian Imperial Navy Edit

Designation Class Notes
Heart of the Tempest Magnetar-class[2] Defeated the entire Earth-Mars Coalition Navy/Transport Union fleets.
Eye of the Typhoon
Voice of the Whirlwind
Proteus Proteus-class

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  1. 1.0 1.1 The UNN classifies its 3rd generation battleships as dreadnought, including the Truman-class.
  2. The Laconian Imperial Navy classifies its Battleships as Battlecruisers, including the Magnetar-class