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For the language from the TV show, see Belter Creole.

Words and expressions[]

Word / Structure Function Meaning Language of origin
"A que gehst?" Phrase Where are you going? Spanish + German
"Aber" Conjunction But German
"Acima" Adverb Above Portuguese
"Agua" Noun Water Spanish
"Aituma" Interjection Thank you Estonian
"Alles" Pronoun Everything/Everyone German
"Aŭdi" Verb To hear Esperanto
"Babosa malo" Noun + Adjective Death slug (literally translates to "bad slug") Spanish
"Bébé" Noun Baby French, Spanish, Esperanto
"Bist Bien?" Interrogatory Are you ok? German + French
"Boa Caçada" Phrase Good hunting Portuguese
"Boite" Noun Box French
"Bosslet" Noun Boss English, German
"Buscarte" Verb Look for you Spanish
"Chapeau" Noun Hat French, Esperanto
"Coyo" Noun Small animal/pest (to insult a person) Spanish
"Dangsin-eun junbiga?” Interrogatory Are you ready? Korean
"Donde" Adverb Where Spanish
"Dui" Adjective True Chinese
"Es" Verb It is Spanish
"Etwas" Pronoun Something German
"Ez Igaz" Phrase This is true Hungarian
"Falta" Noun Fault Spanish
"Feliz cumpleaños" Phrase Happy Birthday Spanish
"For For?" Interrogatory What for? English
"'Gato" Interjection (short for Arigato) Thank you Japanese
"Ge gut" Verb To get well English + German
"Gratulacje" Noun Congratulations Polish
"Hoy" Interjection Hi / Hello Dutch
"Ido" Noun Dock / Exit Spanish
"Immer" Adverb Always German
"Jeszcze seconds more" Noun phrase (lit.) Yet seconds more Polish + English
"Ji-ral" Noun Bullshit Korean
"Kenned" Verb (past tense) Thought German + English
"Kennst" Verb (2nd pers.) (you) understand German
"Kommt mit" Verb + Preposition Comes with German
"Laa" Interjection No Arabic
"Maldecido" Adjective Damn Catalan, Spanish
"Médico" Noun Doctor Spanish
"Mi" Pronoun I / Me Esperanto, English
"Mit?" Interrogatory Do you want to come with me? German (lit. 'With?')
"Na" Interjection No / Not English, French, Italian, Esperanto
"Na khorocho" Adjective (neg.) Not good English + Russian
"Ne" Particle No Serbo-Croatian
"Neue" Adjective New German
"Nichts" Pronoun Nothing German
"Oksel" Noun Armpit Dutch
"Orbas" Noun Eyes Spanish and other Latinate languages (lit. 'orbs, spheres')
"Oso to" Affirmation Me too English (lit. 'also too')
"Pampaw" Noun Grandfather Cajun French
"Pinché" Adjective Fucking, damned, shitty Portuguese, Spanish (lit. 'low-class, trashy, poor')
"Pow" Adverb Now English
"Puta" Noun Bitch Spanish
"Que" Adverb What Spanish, Portuguese
"Que si?" Interrogatory Right? Spanish
"Rosse Buurt" - Red light district Dutch
"Sa" Particle So English
"Sa Bueno" Phrase It's good Spanish
"Sabe" Verb (2nd pers.) You know Spanish, Portuguese
"Sabez" Verb (1st pers.) I know Spanish, Portuguese
"Sa-sa" Verb To know (about) Spanish, Portuguese
"Sabaka" Interjection, noun Dog (swear, insult) Russian
"Savvy" Verb Know French
"Schlauch" Noun Transit tube German (lit. 'sluice')
"Schwist" Noun Sister German
"Shikata ga nai" Phrase Cannot be helped Japanese
"Spin" Noun Spin (direction) English
"Suche Nach" Verb + Preposition Search (or searching) for German
"Suis Désolé" Phrase (I) am sorry French
"Tényleges" Adjective Actual Hungarian
"Toda" Pronoun All Spanish, Portuguese
"Unokabátya" Noun Cousin Hungarian
"Üzgün!" Interjection Sorry! Turkish
"Vrai" Adjective True French
"Y" Conjunction And Spanish


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