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The Belter Hottie (real name unknown) is a girl who lives on Tycho Station and appeared to be interested in Alex Kamal's stories.

You need better tings fo think about.
— Belter Hottie

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After the Rocinante returns to Tycho from the Eros incident, the "Belter Hottie", together with some other girls, listens to Alex's stories in the Bar Blauwe Blome.

When she attempts to kiss him, a Grimy Belter gets jealous and starts yelling at her. Subsequently he attacks Alex, resulting in Amos knocking him down.

In the argument between her and the "Grimy Belter", they both are talking in strong Lang Belta[1]:

Grimy Belter: Mi du tutim shifts ere da gótefodamn recycler...
(I'm doing double-shifts in the goddamn recycler...)
Belter Hottie: Go bek fo da kaka to, im pelésh to! Mi nadzush fong to.
(Go back to your shit, that's where you belong. I'm tired of you.)

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