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Ben Cook is a producer on The Expanse.

Roles Edit

Ben Cook
"Dulcinea"Producer (IMDb)
"The Big Empty"Producer (IMDb)
"Remember the Cant"Producer (IMDb)
"CQB"Producer (IMDb)
"Back to the Butcher"Producer (IMDb)
"Rock Bottom"Producer (IMDb)
"Windmills"Producer (IMDb)
"Salvage"Producer (IMDb)
"Critical Mass"Producer (IMDb)
"Leviathan Wakes"Producer (IMDb)
"The Seventh Man"Producer (IMDb)
"Pyre"Producer (guesstimate)
"The Weeping Somnambulist"Producer (guesstimate)
"Cascade"Producer (credited)
"Here There Be Dragons"Producer (guesstimate)
"The Monster and the Rocket"Producer (guesstimate)
"Caliban's War"Producer (IMDb)


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