The Bhikaji Cama is a ship in the Transport Union fleet.

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The Cama is a massive ship. is a massive ship. Three quarters of a kilometer long and wide enough to look squat in the schematics.

It had been built decades earlier as a colony ship with space to carry enough people and buildings, recyclers, soil, reactors, and fuel to the outlying worlds so that a self-sustaining colony could arrive all at once.

The corridors were drab green with hand and foot holds that hadn’t been scrubbed in many weeks. The ship conserved water jealously , using passive radiators to shed heat instead of evaporative feeds, so the air was hot in the ship.

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The Bhikaji Cama is a cargo hauler used by the underground. Naomi Nagata left her previous ship Mosley and transferred to the Cama to travel from Bara Gaon station to the Auberon system.

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to prepare for the Siege of Laconia the ship carried a half-dozen rockhoppers with rail guns mounted on them and ten anti-pirate gunships recently liberated from the governing council’s shipyard at Newbaker. The hold was filled with ammunition to resupply any other ship.

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