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Cantomic66 Cantomic66 14 December 2021

601 thoughts

The Season 6 premire epsiode Strange dogs was a great start to the season and feels like it set up every characher and plotlne we will be following this epsode. After this excellent episode, I expect the show to hit the ground running.

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KylaraE KylaraE 3 June 2021

FandomDesktop opt-in is LIVE

Check it out, and let me know your thoughts! Report bugs and feedback to me here.

To access the new FandomDesktop skin:

  • Go to Special:Preferences
  • In the top menu, select "Appearance"
  • Under "Skin" select "FandomDesktop"
  • Select any FandomDesktop preferences you want such as default light/dark mode, content width, and right rail collapse. (Personally I am all about that WIDE WIDTH experience.)
  • Click "Save" at the bottom

You can also opt-out the same way, just go to Special:Preferences and switch the Skin from FandomDeskop back to Oasis.

Helpful links!

  • New blog post about opt-in
  • FandomDesktop preparation guide
  • FandomDesktop highlights with links to staff blog posts
  • For admin: Blog about the customization policy

If you find a bug, please let me know about i…

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VARGR VARGR 18 November 2020

TV Pella

So this ship on the poster appears to be the TV version of the Pella. According to James S.A. Corey on twitter the Pella was changed to be a light cruiser instead of another Corvette-class to be more intimidating. Apparently a heavy frigate will also appear.

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VARGR VARGR 10 October 2020

EagleMoss is creating Expanse ship models

So it has been anounced that Eaglemoss (Hero Collector) is going to make Expanse ship models. These will include the Rocinante, Donnager, and Anubis. Looking forward to this as have wanted Eaglemoss to make Expanse ships for a while. Hoping I can get a Morrigan-class model.

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VARGR VARGR 8 October 2020

Can no longer upload from YT

Ugh this new UCP migration has really made things unnessarily harder on this wiki. Currently it is not allowing me to upload videos from Youtube. So I am unable to upload the new Season 5 trailer.

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VARGR VARGR 7 October 2020

Not a fan of the new font everywhere

Got to be honest and say I really dislike the new font that is being used on every page of this wiki now. I'm mildy dislexic and find it harder to read.

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Msp1132 Msp1132 3 October 2020

The Expanse RPG resources

This blog will provide info for those that are playing The Expanse Role Playing Game by Green Ronin.

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Oot42 Oot42 11 December 2019

Oh, I like...

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Oot42 Oot42 26 November 2019

New templates

Oyé Expanse-Wiki editors!

Not sure if this is the right place for announcements like this, but anyway ;)

I'ld like to introduce a new handy template I've made to use for Book references. After I saw at least a dozen different ways and styles for references to books/chapters, I thought it might be helpful to have a handy and easy to use template for this. So here it is:

It's very simple to use and to remember (I hope), just enter the 2 parameters bookcode (like LW, AG, TW, etc.) and the number of the chapter and it will do the rest, including adding the appropriate viewpoint character.



More on its documentation page.

PS: I log all my templates here!

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Lou Crazy Lou Crazy 17 October 2019

Dinner with James S. A. Corey

The Expanse Fan Club - Italy has been active for a couple of years now. I will probably make a fuller report someday.

Anyway, James S.A. Corey will be in Italy on october 30 - november 3 for Lucca Comics and Games, the biggest event of its kind in Italy. He (they) will do many appearances, and our club am organizing a dinner with them.

See the details on facebook

If you are not too far from Italy, you might be interested in joining!

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Oot42 Oot42 26 September 2019

just checking

Blah blubb?

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RagedBarbar!an RagedBarbar!an 13 October 2018

The Expanse book titles

Hello. I'm back to write about more random stuff that, at most, a small handful of you will care about.

We're going to talk about what the titles of The Expanse books mean! Sort of. At any rate, my interpretation of them, with a little help from the contents of the books themselves and Wikipedia.

I will not be talking about Tiamat's Wrath because I don't know what it's about (overarching storyline), nor will I mention short stories, because their titles are much more straightforward. I might talk about some names from The Expanse that aren't book titles. We'll see.

Spoilers, maybe.

1. Leviathan Wakes

Is any real explanation needed? Even without an accurate definition for "Leviathan", it's obviously talking about something big and bad. And it's …

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RagedBarbar!an RagedBarbar!an 10 October 2018

Celestial bodies destroyed in the Expanse

Not sure why I'm writing this, but why not?

Also, spoilers.

The Expanse sure does destroy an awful lot of astronomical bodies, doesn't it? Some of the objects destroyed are even quite "large", politically, merely by association. Let's go through them for fun!

(No order, by the way)

1. Deimos

The smaller of Mars's two moons, Deimos was destroyed by the UNN. As far as the books go, this seems to just sort of occur following the destruction of the Canterbury.

In the real world, Deimos is small and useless, and doesn't serve much of a purpose. I mean, the thing has an average radius of 6.2 kilometers. That is absolutely tiny.

2. Phoebe

The location of a research facility used by the MCR and Protogen (*gasps*). Bad Protogen people unleashed the protomol…

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Cantomic66 Cantomic66 21 September 2018

What now?

Now that I have caught up to the books and Tiamat's Wrath being delayed, I don't know what to read now. Watching the show and reading the books has made me really get into this world but now I have nothing else to fill my Expanse itch. I guess I'll have to find something else while I wait for the return of the show and books later next year.

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AlbertEpstein AlbertEpstein 8 November 2017

Interview with Anna Von Rake

Hello Screaming Firehawks
  • #TheExpanseCosplayWeek on Twitter
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AlbertEpstein AlbertEpstein 1 November 2017

Interview with Ren Rong and Scott, Best Miller, Best Group

We're true blue Earthers. Scott (Miller) is from Minnesota, but we're both based in Singapore for the foreseeable future. But really, home is in front of our computers - we’re addicts, the both of us. 

We started somewhere in the first season (we don't remember where) and then we binged. I needed some convincing at first, since Scott has a penchant for shows that are fairly wordy... West Wing , Star Trek: TNG , Justified - he's made me watch these shows, and I've enjoyed them a lot, but I don't naturally gravitate towards them. I'm quite comfortable with goofy stuff actually. As for the moment that had me hooked: it was Miller's hair - he wears it with panache. Also, I have a soft spot for downtrodden detectives. As for Scott, he was deligh…

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AlbertEpstein AlbertEpstein 31 October 2017

Interview with Emily Creasman, Best Julie, Best Overall

Hello everyone!

Sure! Well, I think by far this was my favorite cosplay I've ever done-not only because it's extremely fun to be a walking protomolecule, but also because my whole family cosplayed The Expanse together. We all got to nerd out and bond haha. There was also a ton of people that didn't know what The Expanse was but said they'd check it out after seeing my cosplay.I was extremely grateful for that.And when people did recognize me it was the best feeling ever!But The hardest part of being Julie would have to be keeping the mouth peice in-it hurt a lot ha!

Also not breaking the inner wiring was stressfull haha. Not really sure if that's what you wanted to know but it's what came to mind :) Overall a great experience!

  • Family's group …

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AlbertEpstein AlbertEpstein 27 October 2017

Interview with Mike Interbartolo, Best Belter Cosplay, Best Attention to Detail


Hi everyone!

Welcome to the first in a series of fan profiles on this wiki.  This is one in a sequence of profiles on the cosplayers of the Expanse fandom.

Mike Interbartolo was kind enough to answer some questions for us on the wiki. Mike submitted photos of a Belter in an VAC suit for the 2017 Expanse Halloween cosplay contest.  Or actually, he had his wife submit photos with her Twitter account.

Mike is a devoted fan and for his efforts, he received the award for "Best Belter" and the award for "Most Attention to Detail".  Here is what he told us.

Since the show aired back in December of 2015.  I was hooked by the online streaming preview Syfy did.

I never heard of the books before the show, but after season one ended I started reading th…

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PraxsPlants PraxsPlants 17 October 2017


My first test of the blog interface.

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Miclpea Miclpea 5 September 2017

My Visit to the Set of The Expanse

I had the opportunity to visit the set of The Expanse, Here is a link to the article.

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AlbertEpstein AlbertEpstein 27 April 2017

Ten ways to contribute to this wiki while the show is on hiatus.

  • 1 Create fan art
  • 2 Fill out missing plot details on TV characters
  • 3 Read the novels
  • 4 Organize wiki pages
  • 5 Document distinctions between Book incarnations of characters and events
  • 6 Document production trivia
  • 7 Document appearances or announcements of cast and crew at conventions. 
  • 8 Post info on the best merchanise and swag.
  • 9 Tell everyone you know why you love the Expanse
  • 10 Visit Toronto

Are you creative? Are you artistic? Make drawings, videos, etc...  Get others to make them of you.  Need an idea? Imagine what you would look like in Power Armor or a EVA suit or wearing belter tats.

Do you have the latest? Are you caught up? When does the next one become available? Did you miss some detail?

Are the subheadings right? Are the categories right? is each bit …

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MysticalArchAngel MysticalArchAngel 24 December 2016

Ring (Wormhole) Look

The appearance of the ever-lasting/stable wormhole a.k.a. the Ring is approaching in the TV series (with a little bit of luck, we might see it make an appearance towards the Season 2 finale). How will the producers render it? Will they make it look like a spinning vortex or like an actual wormhole (spherical look). What're your thoughts?

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Rik273 Rik273 22 December 2016

Hi-Res images

Hey peeps,

Love this show  - found it spectacularly well filmed. So much so I'm considering printing some poster sized stils from the show for wall art.

The question is - where can i get suitably hi-res images?


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Revan's Exile Revan's Exile 7 January 2016

Suggestions for Character pages and redirects

Let's use Jim Holden for example. Instead of having Jim Holden redirect to Jim Holden (Books) automatically we should have Jim Holden be a disambiguation page that provides a link to both Jim Holden (Books) & Jim Holden (TV).

Also at the top or bottome of Jim Holden (Books) we should have a link to Jim Holden (TV) and vice versa.

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Asnow89 Asnow89 24 November 2015

The Expanse Premiere Party Menu

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AyeCapn AyeCapn 23 November 2015

The Expanse - Episode 1 review by an avid book fan

There are a ton of reviews available by various media outlets. So far, the day of the first episode's release online, initial response seems overwhelmingly positive. That makes me smile.

I say this because I am a big fan of the books. A big fan. I mean, I haven't gotten this invested in a story and its universe since I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation in my teens. I want the show to succeed and have invested a lot of personal time and energy into reading the books, keeping up on the show's production, discussing things on Twitter, and Reddit, and working on this Wikia. 

So I had a lot invested, and I didn't want to be disappointed. Despite early reviews I was cautiously optimistic, and ready to accept whatever I got, even if it wasn't …

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Acardwell415 Acardwell415 23 November 2015

Author Zone: The Expanse Authors On Bringing the Books to Life

For Expanse book series fans, the long wait is nearly over; the exciting new series based on their favorite sci-fi space opera will come to Syfy Network on December 14.

But since Wikia fans are some of the biggest superfans of the book series, Syfy is giving you some treats!

First off, Wikia has been given the FULL pilot episode for you all to watch right here on Expanse Wikia as a sneak peek, available right now. GO WATCH! And second, they’ve granted us special access to Expanse book authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck - collectively known as James S. A. Corey - to talk about working on the TV adaptation of their amazing books.

We asked fans on Wikia to send us their questions, and we threw a few in there by way of introducing the books to…

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Acardwell415 Acardwell415 23 November 2015

Watch The Expanse Pilot Now on Wikia

Are you ready, Expanse fans? The official premiere date for The Expanse series on Syfy is December 14. But you can watch the show online before it premiers. For those of you who missed the Wikia premier, don't worry the show is still available on Syfy, so check it out right HERE!

After you watch, don't forget to check out The Wikia Author Zone interviews with Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck - collectively known as James S. A. Corey - talk about working on the TV adaptation of their amazing books.

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AyeCapn AyeCapn 10 November 2015

Interview with Cailin Munroe, VFX Coordinator on The Expanse

Hi everyone! Cailin Munroe was kind enough to answer some questions for us on the wiki via email. You can find her on Twitter - @hellomunroe

Who are you? Where do you work? What was your role in the Expanse?

My name is Cailin Munroe, and I work as the Visual Effects Coordinator on The Expanse . I don't work for Alcon or for one of the VFX companies, I was hired onto The Expanse production directly.

How did you and your team come to be involved with the Expanse?

It’s in the bloodline! My patriarch [Bob Munroe] is the Visual Effects Supervisor on the show, as well as one of his very close friends who is the VFX On-Set Supervisor, so we all come as sort of a package deal. Then we have all of the companies and individuals who are working on the eff…

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Asnow89 Asnow89 3 November 2015

Early Digital Launch of SyFy's The Expanse

Hey there Expanse fans!

We have some really exciting news-- SyFy will premiere the first episode of their upcoming series, The Expanse, EARLY! The series is set to premiere on December 14, but you can watch the episode early on Syfy On Demand,, the Syfy Now App, Hulu, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, Playstation, Xbox, Facebook and YouTube on November 23.

SyFy also partnered with Wikia (in addition to Twitch, IGN, IMDb, Good Reads, Crave Online, and Roku) to premiere original custom content the week of the release.

Set 200 years in the future, The Expanse follows the case of a missing young woman that brings a hardened detective (Thomas Jane) and a rogue ship’s captain (Steven Strait) together in a race across the solar system that …

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AyeCapn AyeCapn 17 October 2015

Wiki contributions for the lay-person

I use Wikipedia all the time but rearely contribute. It feels like another place. I think that I could read and use, but am not really qualified to contribute toward. 

A Wikia like this is a great place to get started. Because the scope is so narrow in what the wiki contains, we as the common folk don;t need to be experts on any particular topic to be helpful. The most important driver is passion for the Expanse - either the books or the show. Oh, I guess speaking and reading English helps too. :)

But really, just have a look at the pages. See a typo? Make an edit. 

See a character that doesn;t have a full name listed? Make an edit.

See something that is flat-out incorrect? Make an edit. 

When the show premieres in December, this place is going…

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Asnow89 Asnow89 9 October 2015

The Expanse Cast at New York Comic Con


We had the opportunity to see the cast and executive producers of The Expanse at New York Comic Con! Off the bat, the best part was we got to see the first episode of the show, which premieres in December. It was SO GOOD! The acting was amazing, the props and set were incredible, and they really reflect the books well.

Here are some fun facts that we learned...

  1. A linguist created a whole new language for the series. They treated the language like it was real and made the actors pronounce every word correctly. Hand gestures are a part of the language, which is a reflection of early space when that's how they communicated.
  2. They used very little green screen.
  3. There are ANIMALS in space in the show, like a bird and a rat. The executiv…

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Witnessme Witnessme 9 October 2015


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XD1 XD1 6 October 2015

The Expanse Q&A - New York Comic Con

Greetings, fellow fans!

New York Comic Con is upon us once again, and Wikia will have full press access for The Expanse! Unfortunately, the authors will not be in attendance, but if you've ever had a question about the characters or the show in general, now's your chance! Submit your questions below, and while we may not get every single one in, we'll do our best to get an answer for as many as possible.

The Expanse attendees:

  • Mark Fergus (executive producer)
  • Hawk Ostby (executive producer)
  • Thomas Jane (actor)
  • Steven Strait (actor)
  • Florence Faivre (actor)

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Upguntha Upguntha 18 May 2015

New Trailer has been released

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 15 January 2015

Official The Expanse trailer

The first official trailer for The Expanse is here! It features the crew of the Rocinante (and a small shot of the Roci herself), secondary characters, zero-gravity hair and zero-gravity sex, and a lot of action!

What do you think?

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 21 November 2014

OPA bigwigs Fred Johnson and Anderson Dawes cast, plus more!

The OPA leaders have been cast! in the show and will be played by Canadian actress Kristin Hager from Being Human.

Seeing as James S. A. Corey and the casting crew has gone to great lengths to avoid "white-washing" the cast, "white-washing" (in lack of a better term) these two relatively minor characters seems odd. Considering that Avasarala will have a larger role in the show, it's not weird that Errinwright will as well, but surely there are ethnically Nigerian actresses who can fill the small part of Ade? If she will also have a larger role, that's a pretty major deviation from the book. We will have to wait and see.

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 4 November 2014

James S. A. Corey takes your questions!

We're thrilled that James S. A. Corey , fictional author of The Expanse, has decided to do an ask and tell about the upcoming TV show right here on The Expanse Wiki!

Head on over to the forums and ask away!

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 4 November 2014

Amos has been cast, and other news!

The Rocinante's friendly mechanic has finally been cast. Amos Burton, the star of the novella "The Churn", will be played by Wes Chatham. The 36 year old actor is known from The Hunger Games, The Philly Kid, In the Valley of Elah, W. and The Unit.

Additionally, it has been announced that Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad, Community) will play Captain McDowell of the Canterbury, Jay Hernandez (Nashville, Gang Related) will play Detective Miller's Earth partner at Star Helix Security and Paulo Costanzo will play Medical Technician of the Canterbury and the Knight, Shed Garvey.

Even more exciting is the fact that the TV series has begun shooting in Toronto[1]!

Ty Franck has written a blog post addressing some potential responses to the casting choices, which I re…

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 28 October 2014

Florence Faivre is Julie Mao

French-Asian actress Florence Faivre will play Julie Mao[1] as a "series regular", which suggests that Miller's hallucination will be more talkative in the TV series (maybe not unlike Number Six in Battlestar Galactica).

Just like the members of the Mao clan are assumed to be, Faivre is French-Asian. She was nominated for Best Actress at the 2004 Bangkok International Film Festival for her lead in the second largest Thai film to date, The Siam Renaissance, and have also starred in The Elephant King. She will presumably also be able to portray Julie's martial arts scenes, as she portrayed French Thai boxing champion Dida Diafat in Chok-dee in 2005. Lately she has had guest roles on TV series such as The Following, How To Make it in America and Alpha…

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 17 October 2014

Dominique Tipper cast as Naomi

Another casting that hasn't been formally announced: According to James S. A. Corey's Twitter, Naomi Nagata will be played by British actress Dominique Tipper[1].

Primarily known for her roles in Vampire Academy (2014), Fast Girls (2012) and Adulthood (2008), she will also have a role in the upcoming sci-fi Deus Ex Machina.

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 25 September 2014

Cas Anvar to play Alex

. Official headshot from]]More casting news come trickling out. Although this one hasn't been announced yet, Cas Anvar has popped up as Alex Kamal on The Expanse's IMDB page!

Anvar has had over 50 major roles in movies and television. He played in another Syfy series, Neverland, and he has also played in sci-fi such as the blockbuster movie Source Code and Lost.

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 21 August 2014

New cast members: Steven Strait as Holden and Shohreh Aghdashloo as Avasarala!

More big news on SyFy's upcoming The Expanse TV series: American actor Steven Strait will star as Holden, and Iranian American actor Shohreh Aghdashloo will play Avasarala![1] This comes in addition to last month's reveal of Thomas Jane starring as Miller.

Steven Strait starred in the two-season TV series Magic City, and has also starred in the 2012 sci-fi thriller After. Aghdashloo was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in House of Sand and Fog (2003) and won a Primetime Emmy for the HBO miniseries House of Saddam (2008), both awarded for her work as supporting actress; in the sci-fi department she had a minor role in X-Men: The Last Stand.

All three cast members are slightly younger than their book counterparts – Strait (28) plays H…

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 11 July 2014

Thomas Jane to star as Miller in TV series

The Expanse TV series is finally taking shape in a big way: It was just announced that Thomas Jane will star as Detective Miller in the upcoming show! The actor has received three Golden Globe nominations for his role on HBO series Hung, and is known from films such as Stephen King's The MistDreamcatcherThin Red Line and many more, as well as several indie films.

As this is the first casting to be announced, it allows us to assess how true to their book looks we can expect the cast members to be. The answer so far: Not terribly. Miller is, of course, a Belter; unsurprisingly, Jane is visibly missing the giant head and thin, elongated body. Maybe they'll add it in post-production. Apart from that detail, the Miller of the books is describe…

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 11 July 2014

Abaddon's Gate wins Locus Award

The two first novels of the Expanse, Leviathan Wakes and Caliban's War, were both nominated for the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel without winning (in 2012 and 2013, respectively), but James S. A. Corey finally took home the award for the third novel Abaddon's Gate this year. Congratulations!

Another Orbit author, Ann Leckie, won the Locus Award for Best First Novel, for her debut novel Ancillary Justice. See the full list of winners.

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 17 June 2014

Orbit to publish three more novels in the Expanse series

Although we Europeans have had it for almost two weeks now, Cibola Burn is out today for all you Americans! So congrats on that!

To commemorate the release, Orbit Books has announced that they've acquired the rights to three more novels in the Expanse series[1]! That's on top of the two upcoming novels we already knew about, so the series is going to be (at least) nine novels long.

The books are planned to continue to be released every June. Here's to hoping Jimmy doesn't get burnt out.

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 5 June 2014

New wiki theme

With the release of new wallpapers based on Cibola Burn's awesome cover art by Daniel Dociu, I've redesigned the wiki in orange and green to celebrate the novel's release. Let me know if it looks bad on your resolution, or if you think the colors need tweaking.

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 2 June 2014

The Expanse subreddit and IRC channel

The Expanse community is small, but it has come to my attention that there's a subreddit (/r/TheExpanse) and an IRC channel (##TheExpanse at Frenode) devoted to our favorite sci-fi series. Break on through!

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 27 May 2014

Pre-order Cibola Burn and receive a signed bookplate from Orbit

Do you live in the US or UK? Then Orbit wants to give you a bookplate signed by James S. A. Corey!

All you need to do is to pre-order Cibola Burn, and come on, you were gonna get it anyway.

(Just remember that right now you can't pre-order from Amazon, but any proof of pre-order will do!)

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Tobiasvl Tobiasvl 25 May 2014

The Expanse unavailable on Amazon

If you live in the US, you might have noticed that The Expanse books are currently not very available from Amazon. Preorder options have been removed (a bummer if you're waiting eagerly for Cibola Burn) and existing titles are listed as shipping in weeks instead of days. Discounts have also been removed.

The reason for this is that Amazon and Hatchette (the US imprint of Orbit) are fighting, and James S. A. Corey's books are caught in the crossfire, together with many other authors. Now, people are divided on who's more to blame here; The Authors Guild are accusing Amazon of illegally abusing their market power, but many say Hachette aren't without blame themselves. No matter the background, authors are suffering. New York Times has a good wri…

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