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Roberta "Bobbie" W. Draper is a Martian Marine and a Gunnery Sergeant of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force. She was stationed on Ganymede during the Ganymede incident.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She is a little over two meters tall and a muscular hundred kilos. She is of Polynesian ancestry. She has been described as highly attractive.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

At the time of her being stationed on Ganymede she has served in the Martian Marine Corps for twelve years.

Ganymede Incident[edit | edit source]

Main article: Ganymede incident (Books)

Stationed on Ganymede, Bobbie led a group of Marines including Private Hillman, Private Gourab, and Corporal Travis on patrol around the greenhouses, monitoring UN troop movements. She is then contacted by their outpost to return to base immediately. Upon returning, she met with her Commanding Officer (CO), Lieutenant Givens. Unable to communicate due to a jamming signal cast over the base, they place their helmets in direct contact to relay messages to each other via vibration induction. He reports that there are six UN Marines, a third of the garrison, assaulting the Martian outpost. Once they were about one-kilometer out, Bobbie realizes that the UN Marines are not attacking but are retreating from what appears to be an unknown life-form colloquially termed "The Monster". "The Monster" wipes out both the Martian and UN Marines positions before it explodes leaving Bobbie alone, injured, and unable to tell the ships above Ganymede to stop attacking each other, as she fades into unconsciousness.[1]

Eventually, she is awoken in a hospital by Naval Intelligence officer, Captain Thorsson, despite the protests of her doctor, Trisha Pichon, needs to debrief her. He proceeds to ask her why her platoon fired upon and destroyed the UN outpost. It is then Bobbie realizes that no one else knows about "The Monster". She states that there will be combat footage of the situation from her platoon and as well as her own suit, that will verify her narrative, but Thorsson remarks that impact blasts had caused such extensive battle damage, all that was left of the video log in the suits of her platoon and her own was static. Bobbie tells him that because her armor was an older design, Mark III, the different firmware may have preserved the archived footage. Thorsson has her armor brought up to be reexamined by Petty Officer Electrician's Mate Singh who then realizes his error, but before he could bring up the footage Bobbie passes out again. Once she comes to, Captain Thorsson who had a chance to review her suit's combat footage apologizes for not believing her and thanks her for her professionalism. Later, she is visited by Dr. Trish and Captain Thorsson, who introduces her to Captain Martens, a grief counselor. She rejects his help and is shocked when he tells her they will be going to Earth.[2]

During their trip to Earth on the Harman Dae-Jung, Bobbie is called to a meeting with Captain Thorsson and two other civilians, a severe-looking red headed woman and chubby man with thinning brown hair. The group finishes a report using Bobbie's input on the timeline of events. It's then revealed that "The Monster" was actually the source of the jamming signal. After the meeting, Bobbie meets Captain Martens while working on her armor in the cargo bay. He tells her that he's been observing her and she's beginning to show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, but there is nothing to be ashamed of and that he can help her. Bobbie replies that talking to him won't make her better, but killing the people who started this war will.[3]

Once they arrive on Earth, Bobbie and Thorsson attend a meeting with the delegations from Earth and Mars. Three hours in, Bobbie loses her temper, asking why no one has spoken about "The Monster" yet. Furious, Thorsson sends her into the hall. When Martens arrives, Thorsson blames him for not being able to keep Bobbie episodes in check, and tells them they are both on the next ship back to Mars to answer to a disciplinary board. When Martens ask her how she feels, she goes for a walk. She wanders outside the UN building and begins to have a panic attack from never being outside without a suit on. She rushes back inside, strengthens her resolve, and tries again. She wanders down the streets admiring the amount of people there are. She also begins to think about Martian propaganda, claiming people from Earth are lazy, and living off of the government. She makes her way to a coffee shop and orders a drink. Once it arrives she makes inquiries of the waitress about Earth's current state of affairs.[4] Later that night she goes to the Dasihari Lounge to have a drink. She is met by Chrisjen Avasarala. They both claim, their side had nothing to do with "The Monster" on Ganymede. Avasarala offers her a job as her liaison to the Martian Military.[5]

Thorsson orders her to his office the next day. He tells her that he overreacted, not realizing the extent of her trauma, but still not believing her story. He then tells her that she will be staying on Earth with him to repair the damage she caused at the meeting between the Earth and Martian delegates. She tells him she is leaving. On her way out of the office she runs into Martens, who asks if they are parting on good terms, to which she replies they are. Outside in the hallway, she calls Avasarala and takes the job.[6]

On her first day as Avasarala's liaison, she is given hundreds of pages on the incident, everything the U.N. knows, and told to read it all that day. To be friendly with Soren Cottwald, Avasarala's assistant, she offers to run an errand for him. He refuses, and she is shocked by his attitude towards their boss. Early the next morning, she is called into the office by Soren. When she arrives, she recognizes Sadavir Errinwright and a few generals and admirals. When she is finally acknowledged by Avasarala, she is told that they are in a shooting war with Mars.[6]

Bobbie offers her resignation on the grounds that the two governments are at war and that she expected to be recalled to duty soon and wants the paperwork in place. Avasarala rejects it.[7]

After following him to a clandestine lunchtime meeting, Bobbie discovers that Soren is secretly sending information to Admiral Augusto Nguyễn and lets him know she'll turn him into Avasarala[8]

Soren attempts unsuccessfully to discredit Bobbie as a fraud and is fired. Avasarala realizes that the person she had most trusted was working against her and managing any access to information.[9]

Errinwright and Jules-Pierre Mao conspire to cripple Chrisjen Avasarala by putting her on the slow-moving yacht from Luna to Ganymede, the Guanshiyin.[10] Bobbie initially protests declaring this a trap; however, Chrisjen Avasarala recognizes what it is but also shares with Bobbie what the political ramifications of refusing would be.[11] Despite many reservations, accompanied with a UN security team headed by Cotyar, the two agree to go.[12] Avasarala is able to get Bobbie's Martian power armor aboard with assistance from Michael-Jon.[13]

In addition to the limiting factors of distance and speed, the restricted access to communication were mechanisms to hinder Avasarala's actions to dismantle the nefarious plot of Errinwright, Mao, and Nguyễn.[14] Gathering evidence of this is what authorizes Bobbie to take control of Guanshiyin.

Bobbie Draper finds Julie Mao's racing pinnace Razorback aboard Jules-Pierre Mao's ship[15] and uses it to transport both of them to meet the Rocinante on the way to Jovian moon Io.[16] This changes the risk profile of Admiral Nguyễn's fleet attack Jim Holden's crew.

Io Campaign[edit | edit source]

Bobbie takes responsibility for weapons fire control on the Rocinante for the battle.[17]

Following the battle at the request of Holden, Captain Richard Tseng, of the MCRN Cydonia cruiser, instructs Lieutenant Graves, of the MCRN Sally Ride destroyer, to resupply the Rocinante[18] including "five thousand rounds of two-millimeter caseless, incendiary-tipped ammunition and a 2mm electrically fired three-barrel 'Thunderbolt Mark V' gatling gun for her power armor".[19]

Bobbie is deployed on Io with Prax and Amos. She remains outside the station to guard the rear and assure expeditious withdrawal while the other two enter the station in search for Mei. Bobbie encounters a human-protomolecule hybrid which she engages. Following a discussion with Prax, she adopted a strategy of damaging it often enough to have the hybrid self-destruct. This allowed her to achieve her objective.[20] Having been hit with protomolecule goo during the process of defeating the creature, she ejects from the armor abandoning it on the moon before reboarding Rocinante.[21]

On indefinite psychological furlough after the events on Ganymede, Bobbie Draper went to Londres Nova to live with her brother Benji Draper, his wife and their son (her nephew) David Draper. Bobbie aids David to free a girl named Leelee from Hutch, a dealer for whom David had been producing lozenges laced with illicit drugs.

Afterwards, Bobbie tells David, “That girl. You saved her. You know that? You saved her.” and “That good feeling is the most that girl will ever be able to give you.”

She follows that with “I should take you free-climbing, You’d love it.”

Attack on Mars[edit | edit source]

Bobbie later got her own place in Innis Shallow, and started working with veterans' outreach. She also did some unofficial work for Avasarala and the UN.

When she is visited by Alex Kamal, she is attacked in her home days later but he happens to return in time to answer a request she'd posed.[22] Their mission is to investigate missing Martian naval ships, including Tsuchi and Apalala.

She reveals that Chrisjen Avasarala had given her Julie Mao's racing pinnace, a boat used to ferry people and supplies to and from a ship (ship is larger than a boat, and a boat can be docked on a ship), The Razorback[23] which allows her and Alex to go investigate strange transponder signals coming from the Hungaria asteroids.

While they approach the asteroids, they are fired upon but narrowly escape by approaching the flotilla of MCRN ships escorting Martian Prime Minister Nathan Smith at extreme speed then dumping core to destroy one of two pursuing torpedos but stranding themselves with the hope that the MCRN ship destroys the other torpedo.[24] They pass out in the process but awaken on that ship.[25]

Captain Choudhary of the MCRN ship reveals a daring plan to use the Razorback to escape with the prime minister. He implies that it would be Alex and Bobbie to be sent on the mission to the PM's rendez-vous on Luna. When the rogue MCRN frigates controlled by the Free Navy loyal to Marco Inaros begin boarding MCR PM Nate Smith's ship, Alex and Bobbie manage the frantic escape with the Prime Minister on the way to meet Chrisjen Avasarala at Luna. To defend themselves they have missiles keyed to follow The Razorback's targeting laser.[26]

As Bobbie and Alex make their way with Martian Prime Minister (PM), Nate Smith, toward Luna for the rendez-vous with Avasarala, the UN Secretary-General communicates with Bobbie regarding the investigation at this point. Bobbie is in a position of committing treason by sharing new information with a foreign government while the head of state for her own government is in earshot. She hesitates but, realizing the situation, Chrisjen coaxes Nate to release Bobbie allowing her to reveal what she knows.[27]

Following the stern demands of Holden and support of PM Smith, they must redirect the Razorback to rescue Naomi on the Chetzemoka.[28] Once they arrive on the scene, Alex uses two of the remaining missiles. The first he fires to carry Bobbie toward Naomi with fresh oxygen. Bobbie is able to bring Naomi aboard the Razorback. Then, following the instruction of Naomi, Alex fires the final missile at the Chetzemoka to destroy what had previously been intended as a gift for her son, Filip Inaros.[29]

The four aboard the Razorback are picked up by Holden and Fred Johnson when they arrive at the site on theRocinante.

Free Navy Conflict[edit | edit source]

Main article: Free Navy Conflict

Bobbie is ordered by the coalition governing committee to command an operation involving Rocinante to capture or destroy the Azure Dragon, a prospecting vessel behind the continued asteroid attacks targeting Earth. It is a trap that leaves her incapacitated in a docking bridge while Amos and Clarissa fend off an attempt to strip the Rocinante.

After Michio Pa defies Marco Inaros and breaks from the Free Navy in a change of heart about abandoning his commitment to give to the needy of the Belt, Marco sends missiles to destroy those vessels still loyal to Michio.

Bobbie becomes the representative for Mars on Ceres where she and Fred Johnson decide how to respond to Michio Pa's pact to supply belt sites in exchange for defense against Marco Inaros' attacks.

Post-War[edit | edit source]

In the thirty years since the bombardment of Earth, Bobbie has become Alex's best friend and his best man when he married Giselle then later divorced her.

Bobbie would eventually join the Rocinante crew. After Naomi and Holden chose to retire she took over as Captain of the ship.

Laconia-Sol Conflict[edit | edit source]

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Shortly after becoming Captain, Bobbie was ordered by the Transport Union to take part in the defense of Medina Station, acting as support for the cruiser Tori Byron against the Laconian ships Heart of the Tempest and the Gathering Storm as they emerged from the Laconian Gate into the Slow Zone. When Tori Byron was destroyed, Bobbie ordered the Ring station rail-guns to engage before they too were destroyed. She however did not have the Rocinante take any offensive action and was later permitted by the new Laconian authorities to dock at Medina, where it was impounded.

After witnessing an attack on the new Laconian Governor, Bobbie decided to attempt to join the underground resistance. Here she met Saba and reunited with Naomi and Jim. Together they participated in a resistance movement.

During an attempt to get the resistance forces out of the Slow Zone, Bobbie and Amos led a boarding team onto the under-crewed Laconian destroyer, aiming to destroy or cripple it long enough to allow 20 ships manned by the resistance forces to escape into various gates. Much to her fortune, however, Bobbie and her strike teams managed to force the surrender of the young and inexperienced crew and after placing them in vat-suits and sending them out the airlock, took her newly acquired ship through the gate into the Freehold system. Whilst the Rocinante was landed on Freehold, Bobbie kept the Gathering Storm hidden close to a moon orbiting a Gas giant in order to study its construction and systems.

Underground-Laconia Conflict[edit | edit source]

Four years after the Laconia-Sol conflict, Bobbie Draper is in command of the Gathering Storm and a leader in the underground, a resistance movement against the Laconian Empire.

Tempest Storm engagement[edit | edit source]

During the raid to Destroy the Heart of The Tempest, using the stolen antimatter the underground looted from the Laconian freighters meant to refuel the Tempest's main Magnatar cannon. Bobbie and Rini used a small shuttle to sneak up on the Tempest through a blind spot the ship got from damage taken during the Laconia-Sol Conflict.

During the raid, Bobbie's shuttle gets hit by PDC fire that kills Rini, damages the shuttle, and a small chemical rocket torpedo meant to carry the antimatter in the place of a conventional warhead. Due to the damage, Bobbie decided to sacrifice herself to destroy the Tempest by using her Laconian power armor suit thrusters to guide herself toward the ship to release the antimatter.

Once the package was released, knowing she had no way to outrun the blast and radiation of the coming explosion, she opened fire on the Tempest with her suits guns. Then moments later she drifts out of the Tempest's blind spot and is killed instantly by the ship's Point Defense Cannons.



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