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[Admiral Nguyen] knows the enemy. I'm glad he's in charge at a time like this.
— Lt. Boyer

Lieutenant Boyer was a member of the United Nations Navy stationed aboard the UNN Agatha King. He was loyal to Fleet Admiral Nguyễn.

Background[edit | edit source]

Little is revealed about Boyer's background. It is implied he has been Fleet Admiral Nguyễn's aide for some time.

Throughout the series[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Assured Destruction[edit | edit source]

When Fleet Admiral Nguyễn arrives aboard the UNN Agatha King and takes control, relieving Admiral Souther of his duties, Boyer is seen accompanying him.

Reload[edit | edit source]

Triple Point[edit | edit source]

In light of the increased tension between Fleet Admiral Nguyễn and Admiral Souther, Boyer got into an argument with UNN Agatha King Executive Officer Shaffer and Mancuso. He stated that the main reason Nguyễn was so keen to fight the Martian Congressional Republic Navy was due to witnessing 29 UN sailors killed in a dogfight with Martian ships many years prior. Boyer later accompanied an MP to have Souther removed from the medical bay, where he was questioning Cotyar Ghazi.

When Nguyễn attempted to attack a peaceful MCRN Hammurabi, Boyer was disarmed by Executive Officer Shaffer, who along with Mancuso briefly took control of the deck on behalf of Admiral Souther. However, Boyer soon disarmed Shaffer and had her placed under guard by a United Nations Navy MP. Nevertheless, when Nguyễn decided to start attacking retreating UNN ships that he determined were deserters, Boyer was once again disarmed by Shaffer, and used as a human shield to prevent an MP from shooting her. Shaffer then broke his neck.

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