Breaching pods are used to deploy forces quickly onto hostile ships and stations.


Two Amun-Ra-class deployed breaching pods onto the MCRN Donnager during the Attack on the Donnager.

For the Assault on Thoth Station the Outer Planets Alliance converted two containers into breaching pods. One of these was destroyed by an anti-asteroid cannon but the second successfully breached the station.

During the Laconian emergence at Medina Station the destroyer Gathering Storm deployed breaching pods containing Marines onto Medina station.


Mosquito type breaching podEdit

The Mosquito type breaching pods[1] are attached to Scirocco-class which carries 12 per ship. This pod is hexagonal shaped.

Prototype Black Ops breaching podsEdit

Prototype Black Ops breaching pods - CODENAME: WINDLASS[2] were trianglar shaped breaching pods built to be attached to Protogen's Amun-Ra-class stealth frigates. These were used to board the MCRN Donnager forcing the battleship to be scuttled to prevent boarders capturing command codes.

OPA converted ship containersEdit

Two shipping containers were converted into primitive breaching pods by the Outer Planets Alliance for the assault on Thoth Station. Simple and unable to manuover, one of these pods was destroyed by the station's anti-asteroid cannon, but the second successfully breached the station.

During the Battle of Medina Station a converted cargo-container was used to drop a OPA strike team led by Bobbie Draper in her Goliath Powered Armor onto Ring Station in an attempt to capture the railgun emplacements.

Media Edit

  • Converted cargo containers into breaching pods
  • Breaching pods concept art