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I'd rather win.
— Carlos "Bull" De Baca

Carlos De Baca[2] better known by the nickname Bull is a former UNMC Marine who served under Colonel Fred Johnson. After he was no longer in the Marine Corps, he fell into financial difficulties. This was when he was approached by Fred Johnson, who offered him a job onboard Tycho Station, which he accepted. Bull performs his job professionally despite having little enthusiasm for it and little love for Belters in general.[3]

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Background[edit | edit source]

As a change from the books, he replaced Alex Kamal who was having a stroke because of prolonged use of the "juice" that allows ships' crew to survive high g's caused by rapid acceleration.

Throughout the series[edit | edit source]

In "Exodus", Bull approaches Sakai, the new Tycho station chief engineer, demanding she explain the ridiculously low prices for repairs on the Rocinante but is told they're getting the "Good Guy Discount" and that the arrangement predates his arrival on the station, and he should check with Fred Johnson. He says they're using valuable resources and calls Naomi, who has been walking with Sakai, a thief along with the Rocinante crew. As they move through the station, Fred himself is awaiting to talk to Naomi. Bull appears to attempt to discuss the agreement with the Roci, but is told to come back another time.

In "Churn",

In "Mother",

In "Gaugamela",

In "Down and Out",

In "Tribes", prepare to pursue the Zmeya

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season Five
1 "Exodus"Appears
2 "Churn"Appears
3 "Mother"Appears
4 "Gaugamela"Appears
5 "Down and Out"Appears
6 "Tribes"Appears
7 "Oyedeng"Appears
8 "Hard Vacuum"Appears
9 "Winnipesaukee"Appears
10 "Nemesis Games"Appears

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the show version of Bull he has had his role changed significantly from the books with himself and Drummer performing roles the other did in the source material. The character Bull appears only in the novel Abaddon's Gate corresponding to season 3 of the show and is the character crippled during the sudden deceleration of the Behemoth by the Ring Station. Bull would go on to heroically die during that series of events thus is already deceased by the point in the timeline where he first appeared in the show. It may be surmised that the repurposed character will be taking on a larger function in the show.


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