Burn Gorman, full name Burn Hugh Winchester Gorman, is an English actor and musician. He portrays Adolphus Murtry in Season 4 of The Expanse.

Gorman is known for his roles in series like "Torchwood", "Game of Thrones", and movies like "Pacific Rim".

Casting Edit

Gorman was announced to be playing Murtry on the offical Twitter-account of The Expanse on February 7, 2019.[1]

Involvement Edit

Actor: Burn Gorman; Season 4
Season 4 — Episode"New Terra"Adolphus Murtry
Season 4 — Episode"S04E02"Adolphus Murtry
Season 4 — Episode"S04E03"Adolphus Murtry
Season 4 — Episode"S04E04"Adolphus Murtry
Season 4 — Episode"S04E05"Adolphus Murtry
Season 4 — Episode"S04E06"Adolphus Murtry
Season 4 — Episode"S04E07"Adolphus Murtry
Season 4 — Episode"S04E08"Adolphus Murtry
Season 4 — Episode"S04E09"Adolphus Murtry
Season 4 — Episode"Cibola Burn"Adolphus Murtry

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  • Burn Gorham as Adolphus Murtry
  • Burn Gorham as Adolphus Murtry

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Gorman is a passionate music fan. He owns a collection of over 4000 records on vinyl and CDs.


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