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Captain C. Yvgeny is the comanding officer UNN Nathan Hale.

Personality Edit

Chrisjen Avasarala made a claim that he was a man of restraint but that characterization cannot be verified.

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According to Admiral Souther, Yvgeny did not attend the Academy.

History Edit

In "Safe", while the UN Security Council weighs whether it should order a counter-attack by the UNN Nathan Hale against the MCRN Scirocco after it is recorded that the Martian ship has fired missiles toward the direction of the UNN ship. Avasarala cites a longstanding familiarity with the commander from the academy in determining whether they ought to respond with hostile force. Admiral Souther who actually does know the captain, recognizes her deception but does not reveal the deputy undersecretary's white lie. Fortunately, the captain does send a communication after determining the option of restraint was appropriate as the missiles ended up targeting the Phoebe research station — not the UNN Nathan Hale.

Relationships Edit

Known by Admiral Souther.

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Season 2

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  • The captain's first initial is revealed on-screen in the footage he sends to the UN Security Council. It's "C"[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Yevgeny is Russian for Eugene.

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