CPM Security Corporation also derogatorily referred to as Carne Por la Machina ("meat for the machine") was a private security corporation responsible for the security of Eros station.



When Josephus Miller arrives on Eros from Ceres, various announcements can be heard stating that CPM is responsible for policing services on the asteroid. After assaulting the dockmaster when enquiring about the location of the Anubis, he is arrested by two CPM officers.

After being released from custody by his old friend CPM Inspector Sematimba, he is informed that the recently hired batch of employees with CPM are no more than criminals with badges, having less oversight and professionalism than even Star Helix Security. Sematimba also reveals the officers have dismantled the security cameras under the guise of "revamping the system" so they can shake down members of the public unnoticed.

Critical MassEdit

During what would later become the start of the Eros incident, Inspector Sematimba is confronted by Doctor Antony Dresden and several CPM officers whilst examining the crime scene aftermath of the hotel shootout where Julie Mao's body was discovered. Dresden reveals to him that Protogen now owns CPM, and he has no power to stop him and his colleagues carrying out their work.

It is later revealed to Jim Holden and Josephus Miller that Protogen had obtained control of CPM months prior, and was responsible for the recent mass recruitment of criminals and gang members from the Loca Greiga crew on Ceres into the agencys ranks. This was done as they needed additional men to help their mercenaries secure Eros and herd the asteroid's population into "shelters" so the Protomolecule could be tested on them.

Inspector Sematimba later confronts several low ranking CPM officers who are abusing civilians in a marketplace and preventing them from getting into the shelters. He attempts to pull rank and get them to stand down, but is promptly ignored and later gets into a gunfight with the officers when they start executing people.

Leviathan WakesEdit

Whilst on the run from Protogen mercenaries, Jim Holden and Josephus Miller witness several CPM officers assisting the mercenaries in setting up scientific equipment. The two of them later kill an officer when he discovers where they are hiding in an arcade. Miller then also shoots down another two in the tunnels so he and Holden can take their uniforms and armour and move around undetected.

Conflict later erupts between the CPM officers and the Protogen mercenaries when the PMC's refuse to allow the officers on board a ship to escape Eros, claiming they will only receive their 10% bonus if they remain on the asteroid. Along with some antagonising by a disguised Josephus Miller, the CPM officers eventually end up in a shootout with the PMC's.

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