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Camina Drummer[1] is the captain of the Behemoth. She was Fred Johnson's second in command on Tycho Station.

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In "Doors & Corners", Drummer serves as Fred Johnson's XO aboard the Guy Molinari in the raid of Thoth Station. She can be seen giving the boarding team a pep talk and directives, in particular warning Miller to avoid puking and giving the former Ceres cop his helmet.

In "Static", she reviews the tremendous damage to the Rocinante with Alex and Naomi. She is awestruck. Sensing Alex' sadness, she lets him know that she's actually quite impressed with him and that she will treat the Rocinante as if it were one of Tycho's own. She invites Naomi to handball and then to a club.

In "Godspeed", Drummer relays Fred's order to launch the Nauvoo on its hastily revised mission.

In "Home", she comments to Fred Johnson when he has guidance control over the Earth's nuclear weapons that it makes him the most powerful man in the system, to which he sarcastically retorts then she should bring him a cup of coffee. Later, when the Rocinante breaks off its chase of Eros, she is the one to take those nuclear missiles on a "long ride".

In "Paradigm Shift", Holden and Naomi confront Fred Johnson with an alarm about missing nuclear missiles after Eros. Johnson is not surprised because he reveals he has them. Drummer asks Naomi for help in disabling the countermeasures.

In "The Seventh Man", Anderson Dawes attempts to charm Drummer and perhaps seduce her. It soon becomes obvious that he was attempting to learn about the secret weapon that Fred had alluded to during his OPA conclave.

In "Pyre", she takes a blast of small arms weapon fire in the gut from Staz after she insists on backing Fred Johnson when a group loyal to Anderson Dawes take the Tycho command center and try to gain control over the nuclear missiles, the same missiles which she and Fred confiscated from the UN while Tycho had guidance control. After the Rocinante crew rescue Fred and Drummer, before Alex can assist her to medical, she takes his weapon and executes Staz and Edin.

In the third season's opening, "Fight or Flight", Drummer is practicing hanging inverted low-g crunches in a stunning exercise of strength while reminding us of the injuries she sustained in her last appearance only a little past mid-season. She receives a notification from Fred informing her to meet where he shares with her the revelation of the protomolecule given to him by Naomi. Shockingly, Fred tells her that he's chosen to share the protomolecule with Anderson Dawes, a revelation that infuriates Drummer. Fred finds her drowning her rage at Tycho's Blauwe Blome bar. Despite her continued outrage, Fred has an assignment for her of utmost importance - to retrieve the Nauvoo. Not to return it to the Mormons but to refit it as an OPA battleship.

as "Reload" begins, Drummer leads a fleet of belter ships as they intercept the Nauvoo, use drones to flip the orientation of the Mormon ship's main drives before deploying an infiltration team.

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  • Alex acts as a crutch for Drummer after her injury but she surprises everyone

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  • Drummer is a named character in Nemesis Games,[2] where she is acting as Tycho's Chief of Security.[3]
  • It appears some of the aspects of Samara Rosenberg's relationship with Naomi in the books were transferred to Drummer in the TV series. Sam's equivalent appears only briefly, while Drummer has a close relationship with Naomi. In season three of the TV series, elements of Carlos c de Baca, including his spinal injury, were also incorporated into Drummer's arc.

Trivia Edit

  • Cara Gee was asked in the podcast for episode 2/8 where the accent that she uses in the show come from. She explains that she made it up based on what she thought a female version of Dawes accent would sound like.

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We need to hydrate. With beers!
— Drummer to Naomi
We are strong! We are sharp! …and we don't know fear!
— Drummer to crew of the Behemoth

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