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The Expanse is a science fiction series of novels written by James S. A. Corey, the pen name for a collaboration between Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.

The Expanse consists of nine main novels and eight shorter works (two prequel short stories, one prequel novella, one interquel short story, and four interquel novellas). One more novella is planned that will be set after the main book series. The series will be complete at nine novels, with a completation book which will mosty include most of the short works stories.

A television series based on the books, also named The Expanse, completed production and started airing on the Syfy channel in December 2015, [1][2][3] where it ran for 3 seasons until it was picked up for 3 additional seasons by Amazon Prime Video.[4][5][6]

A digital comic book prequel miniseries The Expanse Origins was published in 2017 and an interquel 4-issue miniseries just called The Expanse will be released in late 2020 (probably all before Season 5 premiere).


Name Publication
1 Leviathan Wakes June 2, 2011
2 Caliban's War June 26, 2012
3 Abaddon's Gate June 4, 2013
4 Cibola Burn June 5, 2014
5 Nemesis Games June 2, 2015
6 Babylon's Ashes Dec 6, 2016
7 Persepolis Rising Dec 5, 2017
8 Tiamat's Wrath Mar 26, 2019
9 Leviathan Falls Nov 30, 2021

Publication order is generally regarded as the best order to read the series.

Novellas & Short Stories
# relative to Novels Name Publication
1.5 "The Butcher of Anderson Station" Oct 17, 2011
2.5 Gods of Risk novella Sept 15, 2012
2.7 "Drive" Nov 27, 2012
3.5 The Churn novella April 29, 2014
5.5 The Vital Abyss novella Oct 15, 2015
6.5 Strange Dogs novella July 18, 2017
8.2 "The Last Flight of the Cassandra" May 14, 2019
8.5 Auberon novella Nov 12, 2019
9.5 The Sins of Our Fathers novella Mar 15, 2022

An in-universe, chronological list of all works, with the main series of novels in bold:

Compendium of most novellas and short stories

Book translations

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