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The UNN Cerisier is Fleet support ship of the United Nations Navy.


The Cerisier is a former science/exploration vessel, and later converted to a UNN fleet maintenance ship. The bays of scientific equipment were converted to machine shops, while former sealed labs serve as storage bays for spare parts. Her crew of a hundred and six souls was made of a small elite of ship command personnel, no more than a dozen, and a vast body of technicians, machinists, and industrial chemists that support repair and maintenance services for UNN fleet warships.[1]


The ship was assigned as part of the expedition to the Sol gate to provide maintenqnace support to the UNN ships that were part was assigned as part of the combined exploration fleet.

Clarissa Mao Books • TV, under the alias Melba Koh Books • TV, was able to get a berth on the ship as a technician in order to enact her revenge against James Holden Books • TV for his part in bringing her father to justice for his actions in developing the Protomolecule as a weapon.[2]


  • Melba Alzbeta Koh, Senior electrochemical technician
  • Ren, Electrochemical technician, second in command
  • Stanni, Electrochemical technician
  • Bob, Electrochemical technician
  • Soledad, Electrochemical technician
  • Andre Commenhi, Security officer