The Cerisier is a former exploration vessel once serving through the skies of Jovian moons, and later converted to a UNN fleet maintenance ship. The ship patrols the shipping lanes to service other stranded or damaged vessels of the UNN.

The bays of scientific equipment were converted to machine shops, while former sealed labs serve as a storage bay for spare parts. Her crew of a hundred and six souls was made of a small elite of ship command, no more than a dozen, and a vast body of technicians, machinists, and industrial chemists.


  • Melba Alzbeta Koh, Senior electrochemical technician
  • Ren, Electrochemical technician, second in command
  • Stanni, Electrochemical technician
  • Bob, Electrochemical technician
  • Soledad, Electrochemical technician


The RingEdit

The ship took part in the Ring expedition. This was the craft that transported the electrochemical technician team reporting to Melba.