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Champa is a Belter originating from Ganymede. He was hired by Melissa to coral the crowds anxiously swarming the Weeping Somnambulist in the desperate hopes of gaining safe passage off the rapidly collapsing Ganymede moon base and research station.

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Champa was born in the outer planets. Consequently, he developed a Belter-specific anatomical structure, but still above average, being very tall and a heavy man.

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He is hired by Melissa as to manage and control the desperate crowd at the Ganymede port, in exchange for one or two tickets off the Jovian moon. One man puts questions into Champa's head that challenge Melissa's honor, commitment and loyalty. When Naomi takes a chance and decides to risk her own seat to save more lives, it is Champa that she pleads with to line up the crowds so that they can select the 52 that there's enough air aboard the ship for. Champa gives a rousing Belter speech to get the crowd cooperating together. Groups are formed and lined up and Melissa opens the airlock. Once everyone else is aboard, Naomi prepares to let Champa take her place aboard the Somnambulist, but he takes her by the shoulders guides her backward through the doors and aboard once again, affirming "You're not finished yet".[1]

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  • Champa, despite being Belter, presents a muscular mass comparable to that of Martians.

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