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This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Chandra Wei (Books).
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Chandra Wei was a security officer for Royal Charter Energy that was sent to the planet New Terra on the Edward Israel.



Chandra is stoic, pragmatic and hardened. She has described herself as a survivor; her difficult life on Earth has shaped her into the kind of person who disregards morality and puts their self-preservation first, and she is willing to go to great lengths to protect herself. While she is not above playing dirty, hurting innocents or killing anyone who poses a danger to her, she is shown being more tactical and less bloodthirsty than Murtry, often advising cautious action and waiting for the right moment to strike, and never initiating a fight unless she absolutely has to. She is unfazed by death and violence and has no objections to Murtry planning to deceive or murder the Belter settlers but, despite this, it is evident in her final conversation with Amos that she doesn't necessarily enjoy this kind of life and would rather get away from it.

Chandra is also deeply loyal, specifically to Murtry, and insists both to him and to Amos that her loyalty doesn't depend on material gain or circumstance, but is instead permanent and unwavering, as she feels that she owes her life to Murtry. This intense loyalty blinds her to Murtry's true intentions, as she sees an idealized version of him and never questions his decisions.

Though Chandra's behavior seems to mostly indicate a rough and cold-hearted approach to life, her relationship with Amos shows that there is a part of her that is very emotional and even vulnerable; She keeps intervening on Amos's behalf to protect him from the dangers of Ilus and from other RCE security officers, even causing Murtry to question her loyalty, because she sees in him a kindred spirit and wants to ensure that both of them survive together.


Chandra hails from Earth, and has mentioned to Amos that she had a hard life and that Murtry was the one to pull her "out of the mud". Since then, she has worked as his right-hand woman in Royal Charter Energy's security force.

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Season Four
1 "New Terra"Appears
2 "Jetsam"Appears
3 "Subduction"Appears
4 "Retrograde"Appears
5 "Oppressor"Appears
6 "Displacement"Appears
7 "A Shot in The Dark"Appears
8 "The One-Eyed Man"Appears
9 "Saeculum"Appears
10 "Cibola Burn"Absent (credit only)


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