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The following is a complete list of the named characters in The Expanse books. They are grouped by affiliation or ship and roughly in order of first appearance. Characters who are deceased are noted in the location of their death.

Ships Edit

The Anubis Edit

The Rocinante Edit

The Canterbury (destroyed) Edit

The Talbot Leeds Edit

The Weeping Somnambulist Edit

The Cerisier Edit

The Behemoth (became Medina Station) Edit

The Edward Israel Edit

  • Trying
  • Severn Astrapani
  • Amanda Chu
  • Toulouse Marwick
  • Cassie
  • Williams
  • Matthu Koenen
  • Gibbs
  • Ivers Thorrsen

Barbapiccola Edit

The Pella Edit

The Zhang Guo Edit

The Connaught Edit

The Witch of Endor Edit

The Torngarsuk Edit

The Coin Silver Edit

The Lína Edit

The Desiderata of Bhagavathi Edit

The Abdel Rahman Badawi "Abbey" Edit

The Verity Close Edit

The Bhikaji Cama Edit

Earth Edit

New YorkEdit


Luna Edit

The Agatha King Edit

The Okimbo Edit

  • Souther, Admiral, UNN Jupiter Fleet

The Thomas Prince Edit

Mars Edit

The Donnager (destroyed) Edit

The Tachi (became Rocinante) Edit

  • Kelly, MMC Lieutenant (Donnager)(deceased)

The Cydonia Edit

The Sally Ride Edit

The Belt Edit

Ceres Edit

Eros (destroyed) Edit

Tycho Station Edit

Thoth Station Edit

Pallas Station Edit

Anderson Station Edit

TSL-5 Edit

People's Home Edit

Independence Edit

Guardian of Passage Edit

Assurance of Peace Edit

Outer Planets Edit

Jupiter Edit

Ganymede Edit

Io Edit

Callisto Edit


Saturn Edit

Through the Ring Edit

Ring Station Edit

Medina Station Edit

Ilus / New Terra Edit

Laconia Edit

Eudoxia Edit

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Freehold Edit

Auberon Edit


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