The following is a semi-complete pictorial catalog of the characters in The Expanse TV series; they are grouped by location and roughly in order of their last appearance when they are dead in the current episode, or the location of their first appearance when alive. Their status may be spoilers as well as info about locations and ships.

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Canterbury Edit

Prior to its destruction, the crew of the Canterbury were under the employ of the Pur'n'Kleen Water Company, an Earth-based corporation.

S1  Riker
S01E01-AdrianNguyen as Riker 00

Thoth Spin Station Edit

Thoth Station was owned and operated by Protogen, a subsidiary of Mao-Kwik Mercantile, a Luna-based conglomerate, controlled by Jules-Pierre Mao

Guanshiyin Edit

Guanshiyin was owned and operated by Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile, a Luna-based conglomerate controlled by Jules-Pierre Mao

United Nations Edit

Earth Edit

S2  Nico

Luna Edit

Earth's moon: Lovell, New Hague, Bush Shipyards, Armstrong Complex.

Nathan Hale Edit

UNN Nathan Hale that attempted to reach Phoebe before MCRN Scirocco.

Arboghast Edit

UNS Arboghast was a scientific vessel commandeered and retrofitted to investigate protomolecule activities at the impact site on Venus.

Agatha King Edit

Thomas Prince Edit

S3  Melba
S03E07-NadineNicole as MelbaAlzbetaKoh 01c

Seung Un Edit

Tripoli Edit

Martian Congressional Republic Edit

Mars Edit

The former colony of Earth and presently the homeworld of the scientifically enterprising yet militaristic MCR.

Donnager Edit

The MCRN flagship picked up the Knight after the destruction of the Canterbury.

Tachi Edit

The Tachi is a corvette-class attack ship stored onboard the Donnager. It became the Rocinante after being refitted at Tycho Station.

Scirocco Edit

The Scirocco is a military ship that also served as a marine transport that was severely damaged while in orbit around Ganymede. This ship is the namesake for its class of ships.

Kittur Chennamma Edit

The K.C. is a Morrigan-class patrol destroyer that was disabled in the UN-MCR War.

Hammurabi Edit

The Hammurabi is a Scirocco-class military ship introduced during the Earth-Mars war which pursued the UNN Agatha King to Io.

Xuesen Edit

The Xuesen is a Scirocco-class military ship introduced during the expedition to the Ring.

Main Asteroid Belt Edit

Ceres Edit

Security officers on Ceres station are under contract to Star Helix Security, an Earth-based corporation.

S1  Gia
Gia standing-lo-res
S1  Joon
S01E02-MichaelBlake as Joon 00
S1  Lida
S01E05-FeliciaSimone as Lida 00c
S1  Kaipo
S01E06-TigFong as Kaipo 00
S3  Evita
S03E07-BoMartyn as EvitaJung 01c

Tycho Station Edit

One of the primary shipyards in the Belt.

S2  Staz
Staz at Dawes' speech
S2  Edin
S02E07-KevinClaydon as Edin 00

Scopuli/Anubis Edit

The ships that really started it all.

S1  Wan
S01E09-AnthonyGrant as Wan 00a

Xinglong Edit

The ship involved in confrontation with MCRN Scipio Africanus.

S1  Mateo
S01E06-AlexKarzis as Mateo 00

Eros Edit

Eros station was a small asteroid-based station in the Belt with security provided by CPM in the latter part of its existence.

S1  Onudo
S01E10-Onudo 00d
S1  Kenzo
S01E08-EliasToufexis as KenzoGabriel 02c

Ganymede Edit

A moon of Jupiter with a large terraformed crop area under domes.

S2  Umea
S02E11-AllisonHossack as Umea 0c
S2  Roma
S02E10-StevenYaffee as Roma 10
S2  Silje
S02E12-AnaMariaAlvarado as Silje 00c
S2  Geir
S02E12-CyrusAazam as Geir 00c

Io Edit

A moon of Jupiter with intense tectonic and volcanic activity while immersed in radiation. In an defunct and repurposed Helium-3 mine, Protogen scientists established Prospero station.

Jefferson Mays Edit

The Beltrans Jefferson Mays transport freighter was drafted into refugee transport service. It is only identified on-screen by the branding on the back of the Surly Belter Crewman's jumpsuit.[1]

Weeping Somnambulist Edit

The Weeping Somnambulist is a relief and refugee ship working to assist Ganymede

Tynan Edit

The Tynan is a Belter ship owned by Klaes Ashford.

Marco's Ship Edit

Unaffiliated Edit

Rocinante Edit

The Rocinante is a renamed and refitted version of a Mars corvette-class attack ship (the Tachi) previously stored onboard the Donnager.

Marasmus Edit

Marasmus was a rental out of Pallas Station carrying Aid Without Allegiance relief activists.

Y Que Edit

Y Que was a slingshot racer


The LDSS Nauvoo was recovered and retrofitted to become an ad hoc battleship, the Behemoth

S3  Egan
S03E12-ObssaAhmed as Egan 00c
S3  Diogo
S02E07-AndrewRotilio as DiogoHarari 01c

Slow Zone Ring StationEdit

At the nucleus of the bubble

Colony WorldsEdit

Ilus Edit

Ilus is a colonised world beyond the Rings.

S4  Coop
Coop image
S4  Chike
Chike closeup2


  1. The name of the ship is provided on the website


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