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The Chetzemoka was a small freighter purchased secretly by Naomi Nagata in order to help members of her former OPA cell escape capture. The ship was to be given to her son, Filip Inaros, after their escape was secured.

During the events afterward, the ship was stripped of all useful material and rigged to lose reactor containment when approached by another ship.

To disable the trap, Naomi set the ship in a weird spin and rigged an oddly modified message.

It was destroyed by Alex by order of Naomi utilizing the accompanying missile cloud provided by the unnamed MCRN ship which Alex and Bobbie smuggled Nathan Smith off of. Chetzemoka became a boobytrap set by Marco to lure in and kill the Rocinante with Naomi herself as bait. In another cruel twist, Marco used code that Naomi had created for him before she left him originally.

Trivia Edit

  • Chetzemoka was an Native-American chief who resided in the city which became Port Townsend, Washington. There is a also a passenger ferry by that name as well, which services areas of Washington state.