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Christina Huang Samuels is a captain in the OPA and a highly trusted subordinate of Fred Johnson.

Assignment to Medina Station Edit

Following the Slow Zone Incident, Cpt. Samuels was given command of Medina Station by Fred Johnson. The strategic military and political importance of the station required Johnson assign his most trusted commanders, Cpt. Samuels included[1]. However, by reasoning of a potential economic extinction for the belt threatened by the Ring and due to distrust of Johnson, an Earther, as head of the OPA, the political situation inside the OPA was increasingly unstable. Like many OPA officers, she accepted Marco Inaros's invitation to join Free Navy, resulting in an OPA schism leading up to the Free Navy Conflict.

Free Navy Conflict Edit

With the breakout of the Free Navy Conflict, Captain Samuels halted all traffic through the Slow Zone. In order to preserve the reliance on Belters, all colony ships that entered the Slow Zone were boarded, supplies seized for redistribution, and turned back to the Sol System. Similarly, all communication between Medina and non-Free Navy elements was halted. This included contact with the colonies on extra-solar worlds, which needed routing through Medina. The one exception was communication with the Laconia System, controlled by the allied Laconian Imperial Navy elements under Duarte's command.[2]

During the Battle of Medina Station, she successfully defended the station, which only took damage from the debris of the incoming ships and torpedoes.[3] Only after the Ring station railguns were subdued and the relief Frigates sent as reinforcement were defeated, did Samuels issue a conditional surrender. In her surrender, she maintained the right to record and broadcast the Consolidated Fleet's boarding action to ensure the guarantee of safety and humane treatment of the civilian and Free Navy Crew. These terms were accepted by James Holden of the Rocinante who then assumed command of the station. Despite losing control of Medina Station, none under her command were casualties of the battle.[4]


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