The Church of Humanity Ascendant is a religious organization.


The Church of Humanity Ascendant is a religion that eschews supernaturalism in all forms, and whose theology boils down to Humans can be better than they are, so let’s do that.[1] Members are quick to comment on the virtues and vices of religion in many forms.

Members of the Church wear loose orange robes.


The Church and its members are active throughout the Sol system. Missionaries ran a relief center on Ganymede, which was critical in providing humanitarian aid after the Ganymede Incident.[2]

The Church also had a group of men and women members as delegates on the flotilla to the Ring aboard the UNN Thomas Prince and subsequently aboard the Behemoth.[3]

Church members were also part of a Humanist Society aboard the Abbey.[4]

Known Members


  • This organization does not appear to be mentioned in the TV series as currently available except as a name on the badge of the Mormon that approaches Miller and Havelock during the midroll credits in "Remember the Cant"
  • An article on "Times and Seasons"[5] observes that the original broadcast programming featured a missionary that wore an identity badge representing the Church of Humanity Ascendant but the costume more closely resembled Mormon traditional missionaries than the Humanity Ascendant members' orange robes as described in Caliban's War. Screen shots are included in the article.
  • Discussion in the books of organized religion have dropped off after book 3
  • One contemporary equivalent to the Church of Humanity Ascendant might be the "Atheist Church" in London called the "Sunday Assembly".


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