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The Conflict on Ilus IV is an event where refugee Belters on the recently discovered planet Ilus IV come into conflict with an expedition sent by the Royal Charter Energy in the mids of reactivating Ring Builders technology.


The blockade runEdit

After the devastation on Ganymede from the UN-MCR War many Belter inhabitance were forced to flee onboard ships. They became refugees and could not often get a port which would accept them. Several Belter ships then after the slow zone incident attempted to run a Earth-Mars Coalition Navy blockade of the Ring space to attempt and reach one of the new worlds. UN and MCR ships fired upon these ships knocking several out before entering the ring space and several more inside of it. A ship that successfully ran the blockade Barbapiccola however entered the Ilus system and settled on Ilus IV.

An Earth company Royal Charter Energy however, had already made a claim for the planet, and sent a ship Edward Israel to the colony to take control and prevent any further contamination by the Belters.

Upon reaching Ilus/New TerraEdit

The Edward Israel launched its heavy lift shuttle to a landing pad near the settlement, however it was destroyed when an explosion occurred on the pad. Several Belters had placed a bomb on the pad killing the new RCE Governor and many personnel.

This immediately caused friction between the RCE personnel and Belters.

The United Nations responded by sending Captain James Holden of the Rocinante to intermediate between the factions.


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