The Connaught was originally owned by the Martian Navy, but it became one of the many ships to be pirated and stolen by Marco Inaros' Free Navy through complicity assistance of the dissident faction of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The ship is a Martian Congressional Republic Navy Corvette-class light frigate, stolen by Marco Inaros and his group.

History[edit | edit source]

Under the Free Navy the Connaught was used to capture colony ships heading towards the Sol gate. It was captained by Michio Pa and her XO, Evans Garner-Choi. The Connaught, while nowhere near as deadly as the Donnager-class ships, was more than capable of deterring and scaring the defenseless colony vessels. As part of the Michio Pa fleet it was one of the Four Horseman, along with the Panshin, Solano, and Serrio Mal.

The main crew is part of a marriage group referred to as a "ketubah". The Connaught ketubah has seven members. The ship is their home.

The Connaught was supplied with a complimentary boarding/assault team that was charged with raiding and subduing the colony ships that surrendered.

After defecting from Marco Inaros, The Connaught lead the attack during the Battle of Pallas Station. Later, during the Consolidated Fleet Offensive the ship fought at the Battle of Titan. During that battle, in which Connaught was a part of a flanking manoeuvre against the Free Navy fleet, the ship was hit by a torpedo killing several members of the crew and forcing the ship to drop core. The surviving crew were later rescued and taken to medical facilities for treatment.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Connaught (or Connacht) is a province in the republic of Ireland.

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