The Corvette-class[3] is a light frigate operated by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN). This class has multiple roles, including missile platform, boarding party insertion, missile defense, customs enforcement, law enforcement, reconnaissance, and surveillance. This ship-class is amongst the smallest naval ships of the MCRN, second to the Morrigan-class patrol destroyer.

The most widely known ship of this class was originally called the Tachi, and was being carried in the main hangar bay of the Donnager. Later, this same ship was renamed Rocinante after surviving the attack on the Donnager, by her new captain, James Holden.


  • Fast-attack-frigate
  • Torpedo Boat


The Corvette-class was in service with the MCRN during the UN-MCR Cold War. The ship-class was often docked onboard Donnager-class battleships and during Operation Silent Wall two ships of the class were removed from the Donnager so as to fit four Morrigan-class in their place.

When the Donnager was attacked by stealth ships the crew evacuated several civilians to the docked Corvette-class the Tachi. None of the Donnager's crew survived so the civilian survivors claimed legitimate salvage and renamed the ship Rocinante. This ship was heavily involved with numerous events across known space over the next few decades.

Before the Free Navy Conflict large numbers of Corvette-class ships were officially decommissioned, yet were actually stolen by forces under the disloyal Admiral Winston Duarte and given to a radical Belter faction the Free Navy.

These ships were used in numerous engagements by the Free Navy during this war until the majority were destroyed. At least one ship of Michio Pa's pirate faction the Panshin survived the war although it had received heavy damage to its outer hull at the Battle of Pallas Station.

Modernized variants of the class were still in service during the Laconia-Sol Conflict in which at least one ship was engaged at the Tempest Jovian battle.

The Rocinante was still in service at this time working contracts for the Transport Union. During the Laconian emergence at Medina Station the ship was surrendered to and impounded by the Laconian Empire. Later the ship would be retaken by its crew and flown into the Freehold Ring.

Features and compartments Edit

  • Flight deck
  • Ops deck
  • Main airlock
  • Armory
  • Medical bay
  • Galley
  • Machineshop
  • Cargo bay

Known Ships Edit

Designation Photo Appears Notes
MCRN Tachi/
S02e01roci29m59sflipped (TV)[4]
Believed to be destroyed, but actually came under the control of the Canterbury crew survivors and recommissioned as Rocinante by the crew themselves.
MCRN McCabe (TV lore)[6] Part of Operation Silent Wall
MCRN Valenza (TV lore)[7]
MCRN Tsuchi Nemesis Games (Books) Decommissioned after Io Campaign yet reappeared a year later near Europa.
MCRN Karakum S02e12karakum398m27s Season 3

(TV) || Black ops ship destroyed by United Nations Navy over Ganymede.[8]

Pella Nemesis Games Babylon's Ashes (Books) Stolen from the MCRN for the Free Navy. Later destroyed by Ring-Gate anomaly
Connaught Babylon's Ashes (Books) Stolen from MCRN for the Free Navy. Later when crew defected, the ship fought alongside the Combined Fleet against the Free Navy. Eventually heavily damaged in battle.
Shinakuto Babylon's Ashes (Books) Stolen from the MCRN for the Free Navy.
Koto Babylon's Ashes (Books)
Solano Babylon's Ashes (Books)
Panshin Babylon's Ashes (Books)
Serrio Mal Babylon's Ashes (Books)
Witch of Endor Babylon's Ashes (Books)
Ando Babylon's Ashes (Books)
Andreas Hofer Babylon's Ashes (Books)
Pau Kant Nemesis Games (Books)
Dagny Taggart Babylon's Ashes (Books)

Media Edit

  • PDCs deployed
  • Tachi renamed Rocinante getting modified
  • Ops deck
  • Machineshop
  • Cargo bay under emergency lighting
  • Airlock
  • Airlock
  • Medical bay
  • Medical bay
  • Gym
  • Between the double hull
  • 12 berth crew quarters
  • Compartments for deceased storage
  • Galley
  • Galley
  • Karakum
  • Concept Art
  • Concept Art
  • Early concept art


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