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The Corvette-class[4] Light frigate is a frigate class operated by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN).

The most widely known ship of this class was originally called the MCRN Tachi and was carried in the main hangar bay of the MCRN Donnager. Later, after surviving the attack on the Donnager, this same ship was renamed Rocinante by her new captain, James Holden.


This class has multiple roles, including existing as a light-missile platform, boarding party insertion, missile defense, customs enforcement, law enforcement, reconnaissance, surveillance, and anti-capital ship engagements when deployed in numbers. This ship-class is amongst the smallest naval ships of the MCRN, second only to the Morrigan-class patrol destroyer.

Despite its small size, the Corvette-class is not to be taken lightly. Despite only being 46 meters, it has an exeedingly high concentration of PDCs (Point Defense Cannons) when compared to vessels of similar size, for example, the MCRN Unidentified Heavy Frigate-class or the Amun-Ra-class Stealth frigate. However, because of its high concentration of PDC's it does in turn make it carry less torpedoes (20) than vessels of similar size, sacrificing offensive attacks/counterattacks for more defensive minded countermoves in Long-range battles. Nevertheless it does make it a highly capable combat vessel when engaged in C.Q.B. (Close Quarters Battle) with its mix of high agility, small profile, which in turn makes it more difficult target to hit, & a high concentration of PDCs.

Ships of this class can be extremely lethal threats to even the largest, most well-armed Capital ships, as they build great strength in numbers of their own, or alongside Morrigan-class Patrol destroyers.


  • Fast-attack-frigate
  • Torpedo Boat
  • Missile defense platform
  • Law enforcement vessel
  • Reconnaissance vessel
  • Border Patrol vessel

Features and compartments[]

  • Flight deck
  • Ops deck
  • Main airlock
  • Armory
  • Medical bay
  • Galley
  • Machine Shop
  • Cargo bay


The Corvette-class was in service with the MCRN during the UN-MCR Cold War. This ship-class was often docked onboard Donnager-class battleships and during Operation Silent Wall two ships of the class were removed from the Donnager so as to fit four Morrigan-class patrol destroyers in their place.

During Operation Silent Wall, 2 Corvette-class light frigates participated in the campign against piracy, the MCRN McCabe, & MCRN Valenza.

When the Donnager was attacked by stealth ships, the crew evacuated several civilians to the docked Corvette-class, the Tachi. None of the Donnager's crew survived so the civilian survivors claimed legitimate salvage and renamed the ship to the Rocinante. This ship was heavily involved with numerous events across known space over the next few decades.

During the initial Martian takeover of the Jovian moon of Ganymede, the MCRN Karakum, a Black Operations in the Belt and Outer planets, now was assigned to pick up Protomolecule Hybrid samples from a lab on the moon for the Martian Congressional Republic (MCR), with its flight plan broadcasted to all MCRN vessels in the system with instructions not to interfere with the vessel under any circumstances.

The ship was destroyed by United Nations Navy (UNN) forces before it could pick up the Hybrid samples, ordered by the United nations (UN) Undersecretary Sadavir Errinwright.

The ship's destruction would only accelerate the breakdown & collapse of Ganymede Station, killing hundreds, if not thousands of civilians & soliders alike, and would trigger a new round of fighting between UN and MCR forces in the Jovian System, & eventually lead to the disastrous UN-MCR War.

After the end of the UN-MCR war the MCRN reduced its military forces with large personel discharges and ships being decommissoned and broken down. Several Corvette-class ships were dismantled at Mariner Valley shipyard.

Known Ships[]

Designation Photo Notes
MCRN Tachi/
S02e01roci29m59sflipped.jpg Believed to be destroyed, but actually came under the control of the Canterbury crew survivors and recommissioned as Rocinante by the new crew themselves.
MCRN McCabe Part of Operation Silent Wall.
MCRN Valenza Part of Operation Silent Wall.
MCRN Karakum S02e12karakum398m27s.jpg Black ops ship destroyed by United Nations Navy (UNN) over Ganymede.[5]


  • Despite being named the Corvette-class, it is classfied as a light-frigate, as its name might imply that it is a corvette-style ship, in which it's a frigate that's confusingly capable of serving the roles of a corvette.



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