The Data Core is a midsize to large form-factor hardened data storage device

It is used as a high capacity, durable and power independent data repository. Data cores are described as an integral and hard to remove part of a computer system.

Salvage/Recovery Occurrences
Description Season Episode Timestamp Location Recovered by
Erased One referenced"CQB" ~[35:00](??) Phoebe Station Lieutenant K. Lopez
Two referenced"Safe"
Protomolecule Research

Phoebe Station Report
Eros Experiment Preparations

One "Windmills" ~[35:00](??) Anubis computer Amos Burton
Erased Two "Godspeed" ~[2:00](??) derelict stealth ship computer Carlos Davila
Project "Caliban" (Protomolecule-Human Hybrid) Research Notes Two "Here There Be Dragons" ~[40:00](??) Ganymede Lab's Breached Subject Containment Unit Praxideke Meng

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The data core from the Anubis contained much of the same information that Miller found on Julie Mao's data cube

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