The Data Cube is a small form-factor lightweight data storage device.

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The Data Cube is used for secure data storage and sharing. The TV show prop used in these scenes resembles a memory card more than a literal "cube" per se. Both the books and the TV show refer to them as "data cubes" regardless of their actual physical form factor. The data cube doesn' t require physical contact to transfer data as it apparently incorporates wireless communication capabilities.

Events[edit | edit source]

Description Book: TV show:
Title Chapter & Page Carriers Episode Timestamp Carriers
Donnager battle data Leviathan Wakes Capt. Theresa Yao "CQB" 22:56 Capt. Theresa Yao
Lt. Kelly 22:59 Lt K. Lopez
Ch.15 Naomi Nagata 22:55 Donnager Sensor & Comms Officer
Ch.15 James Holden "Rock Bottom" 32:57 Fred Johnson
Ch.21 Fred Johnson "Salvage" 7:32,


Sam Rosenberg
Protogen Phoebe reports
"CQB" Great Dane
Julie Mao
"Back to the Butcher" 42:08 Joe Miller
"Rock Bottom" 40:08 Captain Shaddid

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the TV show, Fred Johnson took the data from Lopez unbeknownst to the Canterbury/Donnager survivors but in the book, the data was a bargaining chip in brokering their independence to leave Tycho Station and investigate freely.
  • In the books, Miller did not use data cube from Julie Mao to uncover the Scopuli connection. He instead looked for patterns in shipping routes and flight plans.

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